Diet Tips To Handle Menopause

Menopause is the phase in women’s life which marks the cessation of menstrual periods and the end of reproductive phase. During menopause, the diet you take has great importance in handling menopause. At this time, because of the natural aging process, the ovaries produce fewer hormones and most of the women at this stage experience a number of physical and psychological changes. Some of these symptoms like general body fatigue, hot flashes and mood swings are short lived but other symptoms like joint pains, weight gain, and osteoporosis have a lasting effect on a women’s life and need better management.



There are numerous treatments for menopause and most of them emphasise to reset the hormonal balance. For a practical and simpler approach to handle menopause a proper diet plan should be evolved which would help in a natural way to reduce the discomforts and ally the long term problems associated with this phase.

An ideal and healthy diet for menopause phase should include good amount of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. During this period, instead of watching for calorie food, one should take care to choose the diet that is easily digestible and doesn’t cause any digestive disorders. Moderate diet plan with lots of variety should be followed during menopause for a couple of years.

In Ayurveda menopause is classified in different types, such as –

  • ‘Vata’ type of menopause
  • ‘Pitta’ type of menopause
  • ‘Kapha’ type of menopause

Diet Tips To Handle Menopause:   

  • ‘Vata’ Menopause:

‘Vata’ type of menopause is marked with anxiety, nervousness, palpitation, vaginal dryness, insomnia, reduction in body’s calcium, joint pain, and skin tone loss. Women experiencing this type of menopause should eat at regular intervals and their diet should include lots of fruits, fish, milk, pulses and whole grain cereals. Diet tips for ‘vata’ menopause recommends decreasing the intake of stimulants such as alcohol, tea, coffee and avoid eating eatables with too cold effect. Stale and junk food should also be avoided.

  • ‘Pitta’ Menopause:

Night sweats, feeling of irritability and anger, hot flashes, acidity, urinary tract infections, acne and intermittent heavy menstrual bleeding are the symptoms of ‘Pitta’ menopause. Diet tips to handle ‘Pitta’ menopause is to include plenty of liquids like coconut water, skimmed milk and vegetables in their diet. Women experiencing ‘Pitta’ menopause should avoid late night dinners and control eating hot, spicy, deep fried and non vegetarian food. Herbs such as sandal, aloe vera, coriander and cardamom control the aggravated ‘Pitta’ menopause.

  • ‘Kapha’ Menopause:

Symptoms of ‘Kapha’ menopause are weight gain, sluggishness, fluid retention, depression, low moods. Women going through ‘Kapha’ menopause should eat light and warm food with very little oil. They should have early dinner preferably including boiled vegetables, whole grain cereals, salad, and legumes. They should have tea and coffee in moderation. Dessert, bakery items and meat should be avoided as these may be harmful. Use asafetida, garlic, black pepper, turmeric and ginger regularly in your food as these are good for women going through ‘Kapha’ menopause.

Discuss It!!   

How did you find the above diet tips to handle menopause? Discuss by way of comments your ways to handle menopause. Who knows that your contribution on the tips may be beneficial for other readers to overcome this phase in women’s life smoothly?

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  16. One word of advice for coping with menopause is to keep your diet in balance. Try not to consume a lot of unhealthy foods, instead, eat fruits, vegetables, lean cold cuts, oily fish and unsaturated fats. You will feel significantly better and you will see a visible difference.

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  18. This article makes a lot of sense and the bit about eating foods that are easily digestible really resonated. I’ve found in the past decade that I can no longer tolerate large meals, especially those centered on large meat portions. I really pay the price if I indulge. I am better off with smaller, more frequent meals rather than just two or three large meals per day. Also, I am better off not eating past 6:00PM. As to supplements, I have found that concentrated flax hull lignans help to keep my hormones balanced and assists in the elimination process.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Instead of having 2-3 large meals in a day it is always better to have few small meals at regular intervals, this helps proper digestion and also one should have lot of water which helps improve the metabolism.
      Thanks for sharing your views.

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