Depression – Causes And Cure

Depression is considered to be a mental health issue due to lack of confidence, loss of interest and enthusiasm and has become a major cause affecting our health and fitness. It has been categorized under disease without any known reason so far. There may be several causes of depression. There are theories that suggest it to root out from biological and genetic factors, environmental influences and early age events affecting overall heath and fitness of the body. Whatever medical science says, this makes a great loss to not only our mental health but physical fitness too.

Causes Of Depression:

However these causes of depression might vary from person to person. Sometimes depression can be related to some significant event in patient’s life such as losing a loved one, chronic illness, failure etc. while sometimes one feels depressed without any particular reason, even when everything is going perfect.

It can come to anyone regardless of his/her age, gender, race or social status. No one is completely void of this condition, though the women, of all age group, are found to be more vulnerable to catch the disease than men. It often goes unrecognized in men and is often ill-managed with drinking, smoking or some other drug abuse.

Recent biological research suggests depression to be a result of neurotransmitters abnormalities, certain types of chemicals in brain though it is still not known how does it affect our mood?

Causes Of Depression

Causes Of Depression

Depression is also taken as a personality disorder in people with negative thinking, pessimism, self pity, self-esteem conscious and excessive worrying nature. This type of depression is often tried to help with personality improvement, motivation and confidence booster classes and lessons.

An uncured long-term depression, especially in elderly people, can create severe health and fitness problems like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease, Parkinson.

Simple Remedies To Cure Depression:

What is true with all diseases so is true with depression too. You need to change your lifestyle and routine chores and indulge in a regular health and fitness regime to avoid constant or recurring depression.

  • Involve in interesting activities, mix with people. Take part in family, friendly or social activities. Do not isolate. Do things your self. Communicating with people is a vital part of treatment and recovery.
  • Stop thinking negative and start thinking positive. Bad things start happening if one thinks of them. Good things too happen if you think good and positive.
  • The best way to cure depression is to take regular exercise and a healthy diet to keep your energy level high and spirit up. Lower energy level often pushes you in a depression pit.
Cure For Depression

Cure For Depression

  • Don’t over work for a long period. Take sufficient rest and maintain a regular schedule balancing work and rest both to maintain your mental health.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking urges.

If you find your self quite unable to get over the situation it’s high time you see your doctor or a psychiatrist with specific specialization.

Some holistic treatment for depression include meditation, avoid non-vegetarian food, eat lot of fruits, drink a lot of water, follow a daily schedule for everything you do as a routine. This also helps to improve your overall health & fitness of the body. Take morning walk and long exercise and keep your body in a balancing position while walking. Scalp massage is also a good stress reliever, it increases blood circulation in brain nerves and refreshes you to a brighten world. All these tips will help you to formulate a balanced health and fitness regimes for yourself to keep you stay healthy and fit always.

Do put in your comments and share your tips on ways to cure depression.

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2 comments on “Depression – Causes And Cure
  1. Jacqui Bryand says:

    welcome to the world of depression. it sucks. and yes….sleep sleep and more sleep is often a symptom at it’s worst i slept 21-23 hours a day for several months…waking only to pee, take a drink of water, eat some chocolate or smoke a cig. was the only time in my life i’ve fallen asleep smoking and caught my blanket on fire. was the worst time in my life, physically, i ever had.

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      Depression is really bad and experiencing it is even worse. Its always better to act in time and take the preventive measures at the slightest of symptoms and one should not neglect the condition and take proper treatment for it under proper medical supervision.

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