De Stress Yourself

How to de stress yourself  and lead a healthy and stress free life in today’s hectic life? That is the question to which many of us are looking for an answer. Technology is making life faster and faster every day. It is getting difficult for every one to cope with it and pace along, hence the birth of stress. This hectic schedule lifestyle and activities have left no room for self care. Almost none of us are spared of stress in daily life.

The uncontrollably-growing-everyday stress is causing sever psychologicaldisorders, creating many physical and mental health problems. Stress management has become a vital part of health science today and a lot of research is being carried out in this field.

We are discussing here few stress relieving techniques that you can practice at your home and some at your workplace during any time of the day. They are simple and effective.

As you use these stress-relieving tips in your daily life, you should feel less stressed and have more happy and healthy life. So here are your ways to relieve stress –

Deep Breathing Helps In Relieving Stress:

Deep long breath increases oxygen into blood, refreshes brain nerves and relieves muscles. You can practice deep breathing anywhere, anytime. Breathing exercises are known to be quick stress reliever.

De Stress Yourself

De Stress Yourself


Just sit in a comfortable pasture, muster all your senses, breathe deep, close your eyes and leave your body in oblivion as if flowing into space, without weight, without thoughts, without any other feeling. Just be within it self.

When you meditate, your body goes in a state deeper and more relaxing than sleep, and develops some health improving hormones. Once learnt, you can practice meditation even at your work place.

Exercise Makes You Overcome Stress:

Exercises are closely linked with stress management. Exercise provides an opportunity to distract from stressful situations, forget frustration and generates endorphins that helps you feel good.

Sex Is a Great Stress Buster :

This, whiled talked as a therapy, has numerous physical benefits and one of them is ‘stress reliever’ too. Study shows that the people who have less sex have higher stress level.

Listen or Play Music To De Stress Yourself:

Music is the beststress reliever, for those who love it. It has numerous therapeutic benefits ranging from stress to anything like cancer. Just play music of your like and it can lower your blood pressure, relax your body and calm your mind. You can even play your favorite music at work place to reduce work pressure.

Practice Yoga For Relief From Stress:

Yoga, the ancient Indian therapy to a healthy living, it has cure for everything, and every of its step starts with relaxing your body and mind. There are some simple Yogic pastures that you can perform anywhere, anytime and relax yourself.

Drink Water:

Dehydration might increase your chances of getting stressed and sever headaches. Make it a practice to drink few gulps of water every few minutes. Normally 8-10 glass of watera day is recommended quantity for average person but we, specially at work, forget to drink water and don’t have more than a glass or two during the whole day.

Shower To Cool Yourself:

Take some lukewarm water if winter or normal water if summer and give your body a good shower with a perfect stretch. It loosens up your muscles and improves relaxation.

Organize Things And Time:

This is off course out of course but a necessary thing that will help you lessen stressful situations. Organize your time and your things both. Do things on time, put things back where they should be, keep the surroundings neat and clean.

Follow these simple guidelines, I hope they are simple enough to follow daily without any difficulty, and feel the difference, you being happy, cheerful, enjoying life and above all STRESS free forever and ever !!

Lets Have Your Views:

Group discussion is a way to self educate ourselves. It’s always healthy to discuss a topic and share your view point with others, this makes a win – win situation for everyone. We have discussed above some very effective ways to relieve stress. What are your views on the topic please put your comments on the subject.

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12 comments on “De Stress Yourself
  1. Freya Harris says:

    one of the best things to incorporate with Stress Management is meditation and deep breating exercises.,`.

  2. Destiny Edwards says:

    Everyone really wants some good way of stress management. Yoga and meditation are good.*~`

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      Yes yoga and meditation does work to relieve stress. One should follow some kind of daily exercise regime or meditation or some other stress buster to de stress themselves.

  3. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  4. I really liked this post. You write about this topic very well. I really love your blog and I will definetly bookmark it! Keep up the super posts! 🙂

  5. Janina says:

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  6. how to do yoga says:

    Yoga works very good to deel with the stress we face in our everyday life. If we can spend 50 minutes everyday, we can cover up selected 5 to 7 yoga asanas and meditation, simple pranayama.
    how to do yoga´s last post…..3My Profile

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