Dark Circles Under Eyes: Cure And Prevention Tips

Dark circles under  eyes make your beautiful face look ugly. You can prevent these ugly dark circles from happening under your eyes. Or if you are already suffering from these dark circles under your eyes, don’t be worried, we have some very handy and useful tips for you to cure them, and you will again have your beautiful face back the way you always wanted to have. But always remember one thing – prevention is always better than cure. So be aware and follow these tips to keep away those dark circles from appearing under your eyes.

Cure And Prevention Tips For Dark Circles Under Eyes:

TIP (1)

Follow a fiber and protein rich diet of fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk and processed foods which have artificial colors that are not good for your skin. Fresh fruits and juices also cleanse your body and reduce dark circles.

TIP (2):

Dehydration can also be one of the causes for dark circles under your eyes, therefore avoid dehydrating your body. Dehydration is overall bad for your skin. Make a habit of drinking eight to ten glasses of water everyday.



TIP (3):

Cut down on habits of excessive smoking and drinking, which have number of ill effects on your health and fitness, and dark circles under eyes could be one of the results of these habits.

TIP (4):

Make sure that you have a comfortable and sound sleep for at least eight hours a day. Less sleep can make your eyes feel tired all the time and can be a cause for dark circles under eyes. Mind you they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

TIP (5):

One of the great remedies to cure dark circles is to apply a paste of turmeric and pineapple juice under your eyes.

TIP (6):

Stress is yet again one of the major causes for dark circles under eyes. If you are under a lot of stress it will show on your face. Try out some breathing exercises and meditation to keep out the stress.

TIP (7):

Almond oil is yet another wonderful cure for dark circles. Massage almond oil under your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes daily and you will see how quickly the dark circles vanish from your face. Almond oil will also nourish and soothe your skin.

TIP (8):

Another remedy to cure dark circles is herbal tea bags. Herbal tea is great for your eyes and they also help in curing dark circles from under your eyes.

TIP (9):

Keep some rose water handy at home. Dab it with cotton to your eyes and say goodbye to dark circles.

TIP (10):

Another effective cure for dark circles is to make a paste of equal amounts of lemon juice and tomato juice and apply it under your eyes for a few minutes and you will notice that the dark circles vanish quickly.

TIP (11):

Mint juice is another good cure for dark circles because it cools your eyes relives them from stress and also help in reducing dark circles under eyes.

So the next time if you ever face the problem of dark circles under eyes, just don’t be worried, follow the above tips to cure and prevent dark circles and you will get immediate relief.

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    Interesting. I’ll keep these in mind. Thanks for the post.

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  3. dark circles under eyes says:

    Many people are facing problems of dark circles under eyes. Weakening of ligament and muscle located near the eye causes skin sinking. A deficit of vitamin K also causes dark circles. There are many ways to get rid of dark circles. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables helps in preventing dark circles. Having right amount of sleep is very much necessary. You can try out some eye exercises which will relieve you from stress and make you feel better. For more details refer http://www.eye9.net/dark-circles-under-eyes.html

  4. Wholesale Sports Bags says:

    This was a well thought documentation; you have covered a lot of points here.

  5. Ancol says:

    am suffering from dark circles since last month as from last few weeks am not getting enough sleep coz of work load and i smoke as well 🙁
    Thanks for so many tips, will try it out

  6. Hallo from Sweden! I have found your post on aol. Handy content! Angela S. King x

  7. swarna says:

    it was great getting these tips i suffer from this last five years but i do almost when i went to doctor he said its hereditary can it also be a cause

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      We would advice you to get proper medical examination done so as to diagnose the cause for your condition based on which proper medical treatment can be started.

  8. deravera customer reviews says:

    wow, its very very good tips for under eyes dark circles.I am very glad to search this blog.I am very thankful to you for this informative blog.

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