Guide For Your Daily Fitness Regime

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has made it prime most necessary to formulate ones own daily guide for healthcare and fitness regime. We keep ourselves so busy right from the morning till late night that we care damn for our physical fitness, knowing very well the fact that unless we keep ourselves physically fit, we won’t be able to cope with the daily stress. Here I am summing up few important points from our daily routine lifestyle which will act as a guide for your daily fitness regime.

Daily Fitness Regime

Daily Fitness Regime

( 1 ) Say Good Morning With Water:

As its a well known fact that water is a basic necessity of life, don’t forget it’s a wonder drink too. Start your morning with a good intake of fresh water. Water is the cheapest drink on earth but it has great qualities. It helps in digestion and removes constipation thereby making you more fit and energetic to face the day ahead, it also removes toxins from the body. The better digestion you have the better absorption of food you will have. Good intake of water also helps to clear the complexion. So have as much as water you can have in a day, a simple and easiest part of your daily fitness plan.

( 2 ) Regular Flossing Of Teeth:

It has been proven by recent studies that flossing teeth and longetivity has direct connection, though nobody knows why. Perhaps its assumed that people who floss teeth regularly are more health conscious and hence tend to live longer. So what’s the harm in making this simple activity a daily routine, you are not going to loose anything but definitely gain something out of it.

( 3 ) Movement For Pleasure:

Make a habit of movement a part of your  daily fitness regime. Try to find out more and more ways to move yourself, though a simple activity but gives a great boost to your fitness level at the end of the day. Try to park your car at a distant parking and walk down to your office, once in, avoid the lift instead use staircase. Try to move in the office as much as possible, avoid sitting continuously on the chair. Go for a walk for a tea with colleagues during lunch hour.

( 4 ) Reduce Stress:

Any simple activity that you love doing can be a stress buster, be it listening to music, spending time with friends, dancing, meditating, keep your temper in control , walking your dog, talking cool shower etc. These easy and simple activities go a long way in reducing stress and should be made a regular part of your daily  fitness plan.

( 5 ) Control Your Alcohol Intake:

Moderation is the key word, as its been rightly said – excess of anything is bad. Though some studies suggest that wine if consumed in moderation helps in fighting heart diseases but one should abstain oneself from excessive consumption of alcohol , since it is harmful for liver and kidneys and may also cause cancer.

( 6 ) Reduce Intake Of Fatty Food:

If you really care for your health and fitness you cant avoid to reduce the quantity of junk food or fatty food that you consume daily. Its reciprocal, your fitness regime will only bear fruits if you complement it with the right food intake and avoid the food which negate the very effect of any health and fitness exercise that you may be undertaking. Concentrate on green vegetables and fruits and poultry and go slow on red meat and high and saturated fat diets.

( 7 ) Keep Away From Smoking:

If possible try to quit smoking, the benefits that you get are matchless. Smoking acts as slow poison, it affects your lungs and sows the seed for cancer. Smoking even becomes the major cause of mouth cancer. It really is injurious to health.

( 8 ) Have A Positive Frame Of Mind:

When you are in positive frame of mind you tend to do things successfully. Positive mind helps you attain success and peace of mind. Be positive in every thing you do and believe me you, you will be able to achieve success in the toughest of assignments that otherwise you would have feared undertaking. There can’t be a better substitute than having a positive frame of mind, it enhances your overall well being and a great part of your daily fitness regime.

( 9 ) Entertain Yourself:

You should always fit in a good form of entertainment into your health care and fitness regime. Entertainment plays the role of an energy booster. Play your favourite game , go for a movie, go partying, go for an evening out for a dinner with family and friends and enjoy yourself. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

( 10 ) A Nice Walk To End The Day:

Have a good brisk walk for about an hour in a park before dinner. Start with fifteen minutes a day than gradually increase it to one hour a day. After an hours walk relax and stroll far a while before heading for home. Back home have a good shower and a light and healthy dinner, meditate for sometime before going to bed.

Make the above mentioned points as a guide for your daily fitness regime and feel the remarkable difference in your health and fitness and overall well being. The catch here is never PROCRASTINATE, otherwise you will not be successful. These are simple activities but you have to stick to a fixed schedule in order to be successful. Stick to this simple daily healthcare and fitness regime and believe me you will feel the difference in one weeks time.

What are your tips for daily health and fitness regime? Do put your comments and share your views on the subject.

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