What Are The Cycling Health Benefits?

You can ride a cycle anytime and anywhere for sport and transport because cycling is enjoyed by people irrespective of age and gender. Have you ever thought of cycling health benefits? If not then please read this article to know the benefits of cycling on physical and mental health of an individual.

How Cycling Benefits Physical Health?

To improve your physical health, riding cycle is the most effective way. Cycling health benefits can be achieved more effectively, more easily, or more widely.

Cycling Health Benefits

Cycling Health Benefits

Some of the  health benefits of cycling are as follows:

  • Cycling Helps In Building  Strength And Increase Muscle Tone

Most of the muscles in the body are activated during cycling. As for the pedalling movement, leg muscles are responsible. Then the other muscles are also affected by cycling like hip muscles, abdomen muscles, arm muscles, and shoulder muscles etc. So in general muscle function gradually improves by cycling and it also helps the muscle tone.

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  • Cycling Improves Heart Health And Cardio-Vascular Fitness

As heart is one of the most important parts but can be damaged due to inactivity. Due to cycling you can make your heart strong and reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%.

  • Cycling Improves Blood Circulation

The regular cycling activity strengthens the respiratory muscles. Then it leads to increased ventilation of the lungs and thus put a positive effect on oxygen exchange. Through moderate cycling, positive health effects can be achieved in processing and energy uptake.

  • Cycling Reduces Overweight And Blood Pressure

Regular cycling can reduce blood pressure by lower heart rate. The reduced blood pressure helps to avoid damage or stroke to the organs. In cycling, 70% of the body’s weight is borne by the saddle.

  • Cycling Builds Stamina

The strain on the body is less in Cycling. Tiredness and fatigue is reduced due to improved stamina.

  • Cancer

Cycling reduces the risk of prostate, breast, colon and possibly lung and endometrial cancers and pancreatic cancers too.

  • Joint Pain

As cycling reduces the body weight, the joint pain are significantly reduced. The circular movement of cycling reduces joint pain, the chance of reducing the arthritis increases.

  • Immune System

To make a healthy life you have to strengthen the immune system which protects the body from diverse systemic diseases and infections by regular cycling. Cycling also reduce the tumour cells and thus prevent the related illness.

Health Benefits Of Cycling

Health Benefits Of Cycling

Benefits Of Cycling On Mental Health:

  • Cycling Improves Emotional Health

Cycling also has a positive effect on emotional health as well as on physical health. Positive effect on emotional health includes tolerance to stress, self-confidence and improving levels of well-being while decreasing difficulties with sleep, tiredness and a range of medical symptoms. You can improve one’s mental health by improving the mental, physical and social activity levels.

  • Cycling Reduces Mental Stress

Due to its uniform movement, cycling has a relaxing effect which stabilises the emotional as well as physical functions of the body. Cycling can prevent from various problems like psychological problems, depression and anxiety and it also controls hormonal balance.

This article highlights various cycling health benefits to make you aware how it affects your body and keeps it in shape and health.

Do share your thoughts and views on health benefits of cycling with the readers in the comments below.

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4 comments on “What Are The Cycling Health Benefits?
  1. It is truly nice to know that cycling helps this many ways. We people don’t even consider it. We always want to prefer a motor cycle to that of a cycle. Cycling is such an awesome thing during childhood. We quit it soon after we end up childhood. Let us all try it again. ………… 😛
    Surya Tejaswini´s last post…..20 Health Benefits Of Straw BerriesMy Profile

    • Ravi Kochhar says:

      Cycling is a very good overall exercise in itself, but sorry to say that it has just become a poor mans mode of transport. One should include cycling into his/her regular routine for at least 30 t0 45 minutes everyday. You would start seeing the health benefits of cycling just within few days of starting it.

  2. manisha says:

    Just read your blog on cycling. In my teenage i was cycling on a regular basis as an exercise now i want to start it again. there is a gap of almost twenty years. will i be able to do it ? and for buying a bicycle should it be a gear cycle or a gearless one can serve the purpose of exercise ? Which brands are considered as good one? pl. guide. regards.

    • Ravi Kochhar says:

      It doesn’t matter if there has been a gap,you can start cyclying. A simple gearless cycle wiii do the needful, you can buy any brand of your liking, the purpose is to exercise and tone your body, start gradually don’t exert in the beginning gradually increase time and speed and adjust according to your comfort levels but at the same time you should feel the burnout.

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