Cosmetic Surgery And Its Health Benefits

Cosmetic Surgery Is Not Just Tight Tummies And Large Breasts:    

Cosmetic surgery is too often glorified by celebrities in Hollywood who are frequently chastised by the media and society for having breast implants, face lifts, and liposuction, done all in the name of vanity. Although this is the most commonly portrayed face of cosmetic surgery, there are several health benefits of cosmetic surgery which can be gained through these procedures which are not as well publicized.

Cosmetic Surgery Health Benefits

Cosmetic Surgery Health Benefits

Cleft Pallet / Cleft Lip:

Many children are born with this devastating facial disfigurement. The pallet or lip is malformed in the womb leaving a large gap in the pallet or upper lip. Cosmetic surgery can often correct these disfigurements and give these children the self-confidence needed to carry on normally in society. Without cosmetic surgery, they may be left to live as an outcast and suffer greater health risks.


Accidents happen, and too often they leave harsh scarring on exposed areas of the face and body. Cosmetic surgery can often help to diminish the look of these scars and give the accident victim some much needed relief. In severe cases, reconstructive surgery can rebuild a patient’s face from the ground up, something which was not available in the past and left many victims to live a life of loneliness in seclusion.

Breast Augmentation:   

Although breast implants are often sought after by women looking to regain their youth or get a little more then they were handed out at birth, there is a large population who depend on this surgery to regain their figure after breast cancer. Breast implants can give back what cancer often takes from them or, as some may choose, breast augmentation can be performed to remove the remaining breast for health purposes. In either case, the results without surgery would be devastating to the woman dealing with such a loss.

Deviated Septum:  

For anyone living with a partner who cannot breathe well at night this type of cosmetic surgery is a welcomed relief. Patients with a deviated septum are often plagued with loud snoring and uneven breathing which wakes them numerous times throughout the night. This can affect their health and relationships dramatically and for many, is extremely embarrassing. Thankfully, a simple procedure can now help to remedy this in a majority of patients. A simple cosmetic procedure can often remedy the symptoms these patients are having and give them back a good night’s sleep. Cosmetic surgery may be widely used for beauty purposes, and often unnecessarily, but there are many times when this industry can improve lives dramatically. It may often be given bad press for poorly performed or unnecessary procedures, but the truth is cosmetic surgery gives us much more than large breasts and tight tummies. It offers many individuals the chance to lead normal, functioning lives, where they may otherwise have been left with no option but to isolate themselves from society. That is not to say that the occasional Botox shot or eyelift is a bad thing, let’s face it, we are a beauty driven society. Just remember that there are also many health benefits derived from cosmetic surgery which may not be thought about as much, but are far more important. It is advised that before you make a decision to go for a cosmetic surgery, do consult a qualified professional so as to know what is best for you.

Your Feedback Is Important To Us:  

Cosmetic surgery has enormous health benefits and can also be used for beauty purposes. Have you ever used it for either, whether yes or no, please share your views about health benefits of cosmetic surgery!!

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10 comments on “Cosmetic Surgery And Its Health Benefits
  1. Iain says:

    Nice article. I was glad to see something about deviated septum, which is often overlooked. In my experience this has a much better success rate than all these faddish gadgets to reduce snoring.

  2. John says:

    This is a very informative blog. The fact that breast reconstruction and augmentation is such a big business speaks volumes about the price that women put on their appearance.

  3. nvbeard says:

    We recently wrote about “otoplasty” or enlarged ears and the effect it has on a child’s self-image. A recent news report focused on cosmetic surgery as a means to combat bullying in school age children. I don’t think people realize that there are numerous benefits to cosmetic surgery beyond the glamor.

  4. Plastic Surgery in Thailand says:

    I think it’s natural for us to seek beauty for the price of money. It gives us the confidence and the self-esteem that we lack. Breast augmentation is one of the medical procedures that provide women what they desire.

  5. This is a really good post which identifies some of the lesser known procedures available through plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular with both men and women alike.
    Sohail Akhtar´s last post…..Could cubital tunnel syndrome surgery be the answer?My Profile

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us Health Fitness care. It’s important that we all strive to change the public perception of plastic surgery procedures and help people understand it is only dangerous if you’re missing a qualified, experienced and fully insured plastic surgeon.
    Sohail Akhtar´s last post…..What is Available When it Comes to Plastic Surgery for Burns?My Profile

  7. Suraj Kumar says:

    Hey Ravi,

    Thanks for sharing this helpful article. This is really an informative article for those who need plastic surgery.
    Plastic surgery is absolutely effective for those having cleft lip, scarring and deviated septum. Plastic surgery is a boon for the ‘acid attack survivors’ and accident victims.

    This surgery can cure cleft lip and give confidence to the children having the facial disorder.Plastic surgery is great achievement of medical science, and the plastic surgeons help to overcome the patients.

    Many people will take advantage of your post.
    I wish this post will help many people.

    With regards,

    Suraj kumar

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