How To Control Diabetes Without Medication

If you are recently diagnosed as diabetic and want to control diabetes without medication, then change your lifestyle. By changing your lifestyle, you will be able to control diabetes in 4 different ways like control through a diabetes friendly diet, preparing a routine for regular exercises and control weight gain.

Control Diabetes Without Medication

Control Diabetes Without Medication

Control Diabetes Through a Diabetic Friendly Diet:

To control diabetes makes some yummy and delicious diabetes friendly recipes. You have to avoid the carbohydrates in food as it will raise your blood glucose level very quickly. You have to be more careful about your type of food, quantity of food and also the timing. Always avoid taking complex carbohydrates as it provides a slower release of sugar. Basically a diabetic friendly diet is healthy for all which is rich in fruits and vegetables, lean meats or proteins and whole grains and avoid taking sweets and refined foods.

Make a weekly schedule for your diet as it will control your blood glucose level. Instead of taking a heavy meal for 3 times a day, you can make it 5 or 6 small meals a day. Take every meal mixed up with proper amount of protein, carbohydrates and different nutrients.

Also follow these steps:

  • Avoid taking a huge meal for your dinner.
  • Take some snacks before going to bed.
  • Make your bedtime snacks different like eat some fruits with a half glass of milk.

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Preparing a Routine For Regular Exercises :

To control diabetes without medication, the most important thing is regular exercise. It will control your blood pressure, blood sugar level, blood circulation and the improved cholesterol as well as keep you fit for ever. Do not do more exercises at a time or even do not take more time for exercise. Only 30 minutes of routine exercise is enough for diabetic people. As the poor blood circulation takes place in diabetics, you have to wear right shoes in the time of exercise. Also due to poor blood circulation the wounds and cuts heal slowly.

If you will find high glucose level after this, then follow the below steps:

  • Change the exercise according to the response of your body. Always try different types of exercises like swimming, short jogging and normal walking.
  • Avoid exercise just after the meal or you can exercise after an hour or two after eating.
  • Try a brisk 15 minute walk before going to bed, if your fasting sugar is very high.

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Control Weight Gain To Control Diabetes Without Medication:

By controlling obesity or overweight you can control diabetes without medication. As the weight increases the body stops responding to the insulin properly which condition is known as insulin resistance. If you lose weight of 10-15 pounds, then your body become more sensitive to insulin. It’s not so easy to lose some weight. But if you properly follow the diabetic friendly food and try doing these exercises, then it will make easier to lose some pounds of weight. Never take diet pills or fad diets to reduce your weight; it may be harmful to a diabetic.

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7 comments on “How To Control Diabetes Without Medication
  1. Don Lewis says:

    Controlling your weight and diet are indeed the most effective ways in controlling diabetes. For 5 years I struggled with it because I wasn’t eating the right foods. I was in denial when I was first diagnosed so I continued eating the same way. One day I finally had an epiphany that I was putting my health and life in jeopardy with my poor eating habits. So I made the changes including: eating more fruits and vegetables with less sugar. These lifestyle changes have produced a bounty of benefits for my health.

  2. Ravi Kochhar says:

    You are right there Oona, its a vicious circle, but more important is that people suffering from diabetes have to change their mindset and look forward to treating and controlling diabetes through exercise and natural remedies which also eliminates the possibility of any drug side effects.

  3. Peter Siddel says:

    Diabetes is considered as a modern day’s problem that can be contributed by sedentary lifestyle. Prevention is the best treatment of diabetes and for that you need to improve your lifestyle.

  4. To control diabetes (only type-2 diabetes) without medication it is important to do regular exercise and eat according to your debetologist’s advice. Eat lots (50% of total food intake) of low glycemic index vegetables. do regular exercise, because during exercise muscles use glucose without need of insulin and help to control blood sugar.

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