Control Asthma Without More Medication

Living with asthma has been one of the toughest challenges I’ve been faced in my 36 years. The constant struggles in the beginning of getting asthma attacks under control were both physically and emotionally draining. It seemed the more medications the doctors added the more frustrated I became with each asthma attack. I knew if I wanted true relief I needed to find ways to successfully control  asthma WITHOUT adding more medications.



Once I set my mind to this new idea it didn’t take long to identify effective solutions that would help manage my asthma naturally and safely. With a few simple adjustments and check on my asthma symptoms I found myself breathing easier within just a few weeks.

6 Steps To Control Asthma Naturally: 

1. Education: 

For some this may seem a little odd but the truth is without knowledge it is impossible to effectively and safely manage any ailment. To avoid making dangerous decisions in regards to your asthma be sure to do your homework. Ask your doctor questions and be sure you fully understand not only asthma in general but your specific disease as well.

2. Talk With Others:

The next important step is to find other asthmatics who are successfully managing their asthma symptoms using natural alternatives as a supplement or in place of prescribed medication. With their input you can avoid countless mistakes and build a support group as you start down a new road of management.

3. Control Your Allergies:   

If you have allergies you will find it harder to get asthma under control. My allergist once told me that without allergy management we would never get the asthma attacks under control. The two most common allergies that aggravate asthma are cockroach allergies as well as a dust mite allergy. But taking necessary steps to minimize both allergens you’ll simultaneously reduce the number of asthma triggers leading to your attacks.

4. Clean The Air You Breathe:   

Investing in a high quality air purifier that is designed to remove the smallest of particles from the air you breathe is crucial to control asthma. Asthma triggers are everywhere and the air you breathe is no different. You can purchase one of the many HEPA purifiers or invest in the ionizing purifier instead. Once the air in your home is cleaner you’ll notice breathing difficulties start to fade away entirely.

5. Monitor Outdoor Air Quality:   

This one is a bit more obvious to the long time asthma sufferer. We all know that high pollen counts, smoke filled air or heavy pollutants are sure to trigger an asthma attack in even the most controlled patient.

6. Learn Your Specific Triggers:   

Each asthmatic has their own triggers that are specific to them. For some heat leads to an asthma attack while other’s find cold air to blame. One patient may be intolerant to chemicals while another struggles when animals are around. Start keeping a journal to identify what your specific triggers are and see where you can make any changes to minimize unwanted attacks.

In just six steps you can build a defense that is sure to aid you to control asthma. It’s important however that you continue taking all prescribed medications and remember these are supplements to help control asthma in patients continuing to struggle with their breathing.

Do You Have More Suggestions And Remedies To Control Asthma?   

While I have found these steps to be extremely helpful others have been successful using diet supplementation, Yoga, types of exercise and more. What have you tried that has helped you control asthma?

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