Contact Lens Or Glasses? Which Are Better For You?

Vision is our most important sense. Various researches have been done on sense deprivation and it has been asserted that vision is the one that is the hardest to go without. That’s why we’ve invented different contraptions to help treat our poor vision, to see better and thus feel more comfortable in the world around us.



Strangely though, if you’ve worn glasses as a kid, you’re bound to have some unpleasant recollections of your past, and you have at least once felt offended and humiliated by your glasses. Glasses, depending on what type of public you are exposed to, can mean one of two things about their wearer – either a very sophisticated and intelligent person or a nerd/geek/socially inept person.

This is the main reason why some people choose lenses nowadays. Contact lenses are seamless, no one can notice if you’re wearing them or not, and even if no one is there to make fun of you, you still get the boost of confidence or self esteem from not wearing glasses. But all said, which are better for you contact lens or glasses?

There are other benefits to contact lenses of course, they’re good when you make rapid movements, because they don’t shake as much as glasses, they’re not affected by rain and any other similar weather conditions. Simply put lenses are what are considered an addition to your eyes, rather than a device.

Disadvantages Of Contact Lens:  

Of course, there comes a moment when you have to know the drawbacks of lenses, because, well, if they didn’t have many, they would be the dominant technology compared to glasses. To give a very brief description of the disadvantages of lenses, one has to suffice with, contact lenses are not for everyone. And that, no matter how unpleasant it is to hear, is a fact. Going into more detail, contact lenses can have lots of dangers if your eyes are even the tiniest bit more sensitive than those of a regular person. Inserting them takes time and training, and taking care of them requires you to form some habits. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like bothering with this, then maybe you should rather learn not to put so much emphasis on other people’s opinions and stick with glasses, instead of forcing yourself to deal with the obvious disadvantages of contacts.

Check Out The Following Before You Go For Contact Lens:   

Here’s a short list of cases where contact lens aren’t the thing to choose. If you don’t fall into one of these categories, then it’s up for you to choose whether to wear glasses or lenses:

  • If You Are Underage Or Senior Citizen:   

Doctors generally wouldn’t prescribe lenses to anyone under the age of 13, because inserting and taking care of the lenses is a very responsible process, and it can be too much for some children. Kids are rebellious, and would at least once try what would happen if they ignore their responsibilities which can lead to complications. On the other hand, if you’re a senior citizen, somewhere over the age of 50 or 60, you should ask yourself if you really have steady enough hands to insert your lenses every day.

  • If You Have Dry Eyes Or Often Suffer From Irritations:  

If your eyes are fairly dry, it is certainly not recommended to try lenses, especially if you often have to lubricate them with eye drops. Wearing lenses on dry eyes can bring damage to the cornea, and leave you with more complications than benefits.

  • If You Are Simply Not So Patient: 

With all the care and consideration necessary to use lenses, there comes a time when you’re probably going to be sick of them. If you think that’s what’s going to happen – don’t use lenses.

  • To Sum Up The Things:   

Choose wisely and don’t put a single advantage over the others.

Did These Points Help You To Make Your Decision Between Contact Lens Or Glasses?

If you were looking to choose between contact lens or glasses did these points help to make up your choice? Or you have more suggestions to make, please be open and put your comments below.

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4 comments on “Contact Lens Or Glasses? Which Are Better For You?
  1. After reading your article, I am little bit afraid about my friend’s eye as he always wear contact lens sometime he sleep also wearing with contact lens, I always warn him but he never listen to me. Now I will show your article to him and tell him to read disadvantages of contact lens thanks for sharing it.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      One needs to be more cautious and take the required precautions so as to avoid any untoward instance. It is advisable to remove the contact lenses before going to sleep.

  2. I do think contact lenses are not an option for older people. As you say their hands can be unsteady and it is just another thing for them to organise. They can also have eye problems, like glaucoma, which prevent contact lenses being worn.

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