Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is excessive strain on eyes which is caused by working long hours in front of computer monitor or computer screen. When you concentrate on the computer monitor, the eye tends to blink less, this is an involuntary action and it results in drying up of the tears which are natural lubricant lining the eye’s surface. Eyes being one of the important and delicate body parts, proper care must be exercised for its health and fitness.

Computer Vision Syndrome


Any allergies or infections that may effect the production of tears of the eyes can aggravate the condition. This condition may become worse during seasonal change or exposure to dust and pollution.

It is advisable to take proper health care measures so as to put less strain on eyes while working on computer to protect your eyes from computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Symptoms Of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS):    

  • Strain on the vision.
  • Feeling tiredness and heaviness in the eyes.
  • Discharge and watery eyes.
  • Blurring of vision.
  • Feeling itchiness and pain in the eyes.
  • Feeling irritation and redness in the eyes.

If you have a work schedule where you put in long hours in front of computer, try to take occasional breaks after every half an hour or so. Exercise your eyes in simple and easy manner by rotating them in clockwise and anti clockwise direction few times. Move your eyes up ways and down ways few times. These exercises would relieve your eyes off stress. Keep a frequent check on the above symptoms of computer vision syndrome so as to take immediate medical attention in case of a problem.

One should always prevent the condition from happening as prevention is always better than cure.

Tips For Prevention Of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS):    

  • TIP (1)

Always use good light to read and choose fonts and colours with good contrast and visibility to minimize strain.

  • TIP(2)

Put the monitor of the computer or the laptop at a comfortable height so that it is approximately at the eye level.

  • TIP (3)

If you use contact lens, take care not to over wear the lenses.

  • TIP (4)

Take a break from work after working for 20 – 30 minutes at a stretch and look away from screen and consciously blink eyes. This minor exercise would allow resurfacing of the tear film and lubricates the eye surface.

  • TIP (5)

Protect your eyes from dust and avoid exposure to dust.

Treatment For Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS):  

  • Get your eyes examined at regular intervals by an ophthalmologist. You may be experiencing strain on your eyes due to a refractive error that is a spectacle number. If this is the cause it is better to wear correction glasses, especially when you are working on the computer.
  • Keep a good lubricating eye drops handy, preferably at your work station so that it can be used whenever required while working on computer. Preservative free eye drops are better as they cause less irritation. If your eyes are well lubricated they will be less stressed and you will feel more comfortable working on the computer and of course you will have very less chances of contracting computer vision syndrome (CVS).

How did you find the above symptoms, prevention and treatment for computer vision syndrome? How useful were they for taking care of your eyes in order to protect them from computer vision syndrome. Please put in your comments on the above subject and also share your tips and information on the topic.

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