Common Causes Of Bad Breath

Bad Breath can be an embarrassing health problem that will most likely affect everybody at some stage in their lives. To prevent bad breath it is important to firstly understand what the likely causes may be. The following outlines the most common causes of bad breath and provides solutions on how to keep this nasty health problem at bay.



Bad Dental Hygiene:

Having Bad Dental Hygiene is setting yourself up for many dental problems, including bad breath. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have a fresh breath is to always maintain good dental hygiene. Setting yourself up with a regular routine of thorough teeth brushing and flossing daily will help to prevent bad breath. Regular visits to the dentist will also ensure that your Good Dental Hygiene stays on track.

Foods And Drinks We Ingest:   

It is important to monitor what we are eating and drinking if we wish to maintain fresh breath. Many foods that we eat can cause transient bad breath and can most commonly be fixed with a simply brushing of your teeth. Food and beverages that are likely to cause bad breath include garlic, coffee and some dairy products. Bad breath can simply be a health problem caused by an unhealthy diet and so its always important to maintain a balanced diet, including foods such as certain fruits and vegetables, coriander and other herbs and yogurt, to promote a fresh breath.

Smoking And Chewing Tobacco Products:   

Smoking and chewing tobacco products encourages bad breath and is also a major contributor to gum disease. Although it is always important to maintain good dental hygiene, brushing teeth will only mask the affects that smoking has on your mouth and gums. The main reason for smoking causing bad breath is from the nasty chemicals that are left in your mouth, along with nicotine and tar. When inhaled, these substances can stick to places in your mouth such as in your gums, on your tongue and on the side of your cheeks, causing you to have bad breath.

Chronic Medical Conditions:   

If you maintain good dental hygiene, are a non-smoker and eat a balanced diet, but still suffer from bad breath it may be time for a visit to your dentist. The most common medical condition that causes bad breath is a build-up of plague which can cause pockets to form between the gum and teeth, creating an area in your mouth for bacteria and food particles to stay. A visit to your dentist every 6 months can cure this problem, with a thorough professional cleaning.

Medications And Illness:   

Many medications can cause us to develop bad breath, from a side-effect called xerostomia, better known as dry mouth. Dry Mouth is a side-effect of many medications, including common prescriptions such as asthma inhalers. Dry mouth can be cured by your dentist or doctor prescribing an Artificial Saliva Substitute. There are many causes of bad breath, but it is easier to find the solution to your health problem when you have a thorough understanding of what could be causing your condition.

Hope You Got The Answer To Prevent Bad Breath:    

If you are suffering from bad breath, hope the above information would be helpful to overcome it. Do share your views with us.

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