Ten Reasons Behind Child Behaviour Problems

Children at times do develop problems pertaining to their behaviours which may be easily ignored. I am of the opinion that no child is born with bad behaviours or antisocial tendencies but rather they develop child behaviour problems with time. It is important for the parent at this point to find out exactly what the cause may be so that an amicable solution may be crafted.

Probable Causes Which Lead To Child Behaviour Problems:

Attention Seeking Tact

This is a common tendency among children. They will intentionally misbehave so that they can attract the attention that they require. To counter this problem, most parents respond by beating or disciplining the child. This is not the solution. To resolve this amicably you need to give the child lots of attention at the moment when they are behaving well. This will make them associate good behaviour with the need for attention.


Children will misbehave when they are feeling uncomfortable. The discomfort can result from tiredness, hunger or just feeling unwell. These are genuine cases that need immediate attention. Establish the cause of the discomfort and respond accordingly. Give the child ample rest, ensure they eat well and exercise too. Also work towards stemming problems of this kind from recurring.

Child Behaviour Problems

Child Behaviour Problems

A Need to Feel Treasured

Children just like adults have their own needs many of which resemble those of adults. A child needs to feel that they are valued and taken in as part of the society around them. The family circles, friends and relatives need to embrace the children so that they feel that they have somewhere they belong. It is the key to your child’s happiness so ensure that they are not neglected

Feel Of Being Unloved

This cause should not be confused with the one above. Love is one of the greatest emotions that humans beings posses. Research has shown that children who are loved tend to behave well compared to those who feel unloved by their parents. To counter this and encourage positive behaviour, you need to display a sense of love and affection to the child.

Throwing Tantrums

When children want something, they usually show all sorts of displeasure including throwing tantrums just to get it. To stop tantrums and correct the child’s behaviour without violence, you need to link good behaviour with rewards. This will help the child learn that if they display bad behaviour such as throwing of tantrums, you shall not provide a reward.

Picking up Undesirable Habits

Children are easily influenced by those around them. They emulate others’ habits just to make them stand apart. Controlling this may be quite tricky because some of the people the child meets may be beyond your control. However whenever you are around those with undesirable habits, be the role model and exercise good behaviour. They will learn from you.

Lack of Self Confidence

The confidence of a child is very fragile. It can easily be bruised or pricked. Since they are in their formative years whenever they lose confidence it may take them long to rebuild. Whenever you find the child reluctant to do something, encourage them and nurture them so that they can gain courage and confidence to do it. Tell them that mistakes are part of learning.

Breaking Off From Routine

Children love routine and regularity. All the way from eating time, to sleeping time, waking up and so many other  behavioural tendencies. As a parent, you need to adopt a regular approach to doing things. This will create discipline, an attribute that will help them when they grow up.

Inadequate or Lack of Praise

Bad behaviour is quickly condemned and punished and that is the reality of the society we are living in today. We are slow to praise good behaviour and fast to punish bad behaviour. It is good to notice and reward good behaviour and performance. This will not only link such rewards to the good habit but also create feelings of appreciation.

Feeling Disappointed

Reacting when a child is disappointed is a very important response that you should adopt as a parent. Disappointment in children can degenerate into bad behaviour. To help fight this, you need to identify the reason as to why the child is disappointed and quickly craft a working solution. This will tame bad moods and irritability from the child.

How do you manage child behaviour problems in your child? Do share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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