How To Prevent And Cure Chapped Lips

Chapped lips, a very common problem during winters, are a result of dry skin due to loss of moisture in the air during winters. While wetting or licking your lips may bring you temporary relief from chapping, proper care has to be taken in order to cure the chapped lips and to prevent any further chapping of lips. Make winter skin care regime a habit and practice it daily , to get healthy skin and particularly to take care of your chapped lips and to prevent chapping of lips during winters.

Tips To Cure Chapped Lips And To Prevent Further Chapping Of Lips:

  • TIP (1): Overexposure to sun, cold weather and constant wetting of lips is detrimental to your skin. Protect yourself accordingly.
  • TIP (2): Always carry a chap stick with you, but avoid going overboard with the usage.


  • TIP (3): Chapped lips may be due to deficiencies in essential fatty acids, vitamin B or iron. Consult your doctor to prescribe multivitamin tablets that will help treat your lips.
  • TIP (4): Always be informed about any skin allergies that you may have. Double check Chap Stick, lip stick, lip gloss before buying to ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of the product which may cause skin allergies or chapped lips.
  • TIP (5): Your mouthwash could also be a problem. Check with your dentist if it’s drying your lips, which may cause chapped lips.
  • TIP (6): Some home remedies for chapped lips also work well. Check this one out, dab your lips with a damp cloth and immediately apply a lip balm, this helps in curing and preventing chapping of lips during winters.
  • TIP ( 7): As you know drinking water has innumerable benefits, it also helps cure chapped lips. If you are dehydrated, it will reflect on your skin, and your lips will also start chapping. Make a habit of drinking water after every two to three hours and try to drink a glass extra, this will keep your skin moist and hydrated and you will have a healthy, glowing and supple skin and no chapped lips of course!
  • TIP (8): Use a lip balm which is SPF 15 on chapped lips, this will cure chapped lips and at the same time protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays from sun.
  • TIP (9): Mind you, if you are in a habit of constantly biting your lips too much, it will cause your lips to bleed and dry out even more, and as a result you will have chapped lips. Make a conscious effort to stop biting your lips.
  • TIP (10): While using lipsticks opt for cream based ones, they protect you lips better and help prevent chapping of lips.
  • TIP (11): Before applying a lip balm or a lipstick clean your lips gently with a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin and flakes.
  • TIP (12): Aloe vera gel is also good to cure chapped lips, therefore apply aloe vera gel on chapped lips a number of times to soothe them.
  • TIP (13): Include lots of whole grains, legumes, tomatoes, carrots, and green leafy vegetables as they contain vitamin A, which is essential for healthy skin.
  • TIP (14): If in spite of taking care and precautions, your lips are getting worse and you are not getting relief, check with your doctor, you might have caught an infection.
  • TIP (15): Follow the above  tips to cure and prevent chapped lips under your skin care regime this winter and have a healthy, glowing and young skin forever.

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