Cervical Cancer Vaccine In Developing Countries

Cancer is frightening, as we all know, and its side effects can be nasty and debilitating for anyone, particularly for those with minimal access to decent healthcare and medicine. Cervical cancer vaccine for young women in developing countries are now being funded by an organisation – backed by the Bill Gates foundation. The fund has agreed to distribute the vaccine to nine developing countries.



Cervical Cancer:  

Different cancers are detectable at different stages but cervical cancer is one that when detected it’s generally in the late and final stage by which time treatment may be ineffective. When cancer of the cervix is detected early it can be effectively treated but it’s extremely important for women in developed countries to read the information on this disease and get themselves screened often. Caused by abnormal changes in the cervical tissue, cervical cancer is associated with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Cervical cancer in young women can be avoided.


The cervical cancer vaccine is targeted at young adolescent women, and proves to be highly effective in avoiding the development of cancer in underage females. Medical logistics is still in the stage of being developed to ensure the vaccine can be administered effectively to the young women in developing countries. This is a wonderful opportunity to start on the road to eventually preventing the incidents of cervical cancer in women.


The distribution of this vaccine will allow for the education of young women in these developing countries on adolescent health and becoming aware of the practical elements of becoming a woman. Hopefully with time more effective screening methods for cervical cancer will eventually be introduced into these countries adding to further prevention of cervical cancer and aiding in fast and effective treatment.

This is a cancer that can be prevented in young women and treated in older women, and with the brilliant help from foundations such as GAVI Alliance which is backed by the Bill Gates Foundation, there is so much positive hope for medical assistance in these countries. Cervical cancer does not have to become rampant in poor countries thanks to the wonderful efforts of funds such as the GAVI Alliance and Bill Gates. The individuals, who take the time to assist those in less fortunate positions to ensure their health and livelihood, are an inspiration to the rest of us. They certainly put a smile on the faces of the youngsters who will hugely benefit from this awesome programme.

Cervical cancer may not be altogether cured, but it certainly can be avoided, and with the correct vaccine storage to get the meds to these countries quickly, and the quick-acting on the part of the suppliers, this could be a turning point for the health within the developing countries.

We Appreciate Your Views:   

Please feel free to share your views and thoughts on getting this life saving cervical cancer vaccine available in the developing countries which may control and prevent this dreaded disease from spreading.

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2 comments on “Cervical Cancer Vaccine In Developing Countries
  1. Cervical cancer can be avoided by controlling HPV virus infection. And that can be accomplished only through education, not vaccination. This is what is urgently needed in the developing nations in my humble opinion.
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  2. Dionesia says:

    What I wanted to know is if it’s for free since it’s been funded by a specific organization. Typically, it’s the access to decent medical and health care that hinders people to really have a full view or idea what is cervical cancer.
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