Causes Of Recurrent Headaches In Children

Headaches in children are just as common as they are in adults; in fact 20% of children suffer occasional headaches. There can be just as many causes of recurrent headaches in children, as there are for adults. Children are subject to all of the 5 types of headaches that can afflict adults including; migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches and mixed headache syndrome which is a combination of migraine and tension headache. Within these types there are actually 150 categories of headaches that have been identified and cataloged. There can be several causes of recurrent headaches in children.

Causes Of Recurrent Headaches In Children


Causes Of Recurrent Headaches In Children:    

(1) Sinus May Cause Recurrent Headaches In Children:

The majority of headaches that children have are the result of sinus, ear or respiratory infections, most commonly known as acute headaches. They are caused by sinus pressure and/or fever or ear ache. It is also common for female children going through puberty to have hormonal headaches, just as women are subject to have during times of serious hormonal changes in the body. These headaches should become less frequent or disappear when the body’s hormones readjust after puberty.

(2) History Of Migraine Is Yet Another Cause Of Headaches In Children: 

Children can also have migraines. Migraines do run in families, and if one or both of a child’s parents have migraines, the child may very well develop them also at some point. The chances are less if only one parent has a migraine history. Tension headaches are also quite common in children. Peer pressure, emotional stress caused by friends or family relationships, school, depression, use of certain medications, poor posture or eyestrain can cause tension headaches.

(3) Excessive Physical Activity Can Also Cause Recurrent Headaches In Children:

Children may sometimes suffer headaches due to excessive physical activity, especially if it interferes in normal sleep cycles. When a child has headaches, environmental causes are sometimes the culprit. Allergies and exposure to second hand smoke, odors from chemicals and perfumes, some foods, pollution, loud noises and weather changes, all have the ability to cause headaches in children, as well as adults.

Children may outgrow some types of headache as they get older, or the headaches may improve and occur less frequently. Hormonal headaches in girls during puberty are usually outgrown as the body matures. Girls who suffer migraines as small children may find that they are worse during puberty and they might or might not be outgrown later. Most boys, who suffer migraines as small children, usually outgrow them by the time they are in junior high.

Natural migraine treatment that works may be an option for your child. However, natural remedies or any other treatments should not be administered to children under the age of 12, except under a doctor’s supervision. Even children over age 12, are not normally carrying an adult’s body weight or metabolism, and most treatments of any kind are designed for adult bodies. It is always best to get a definitive diagnosis and follow the doctor’s recommendations.

When To Worry About Headaches In Children?   

Headache is the main symptom of blows or trauma to the head. This is true in children, the same as adults. If your child has a sudden onset of severe head pain, when they are not normally subject to have headaches, and they have no fever or cold symptoms, then immediate medical attention is required.

How Do You Treat Your Children For Headaches?    

Headaches are common in children. You must be facing this situation often with your children, what treatments would you suggest to treat headaches in children effectively?

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    The most common on this is the sinus part. Sinusitis is common for me as well. Been experiencing this when I was soaked from intense rain. I don’t know but when I don’t bring an umbrella I mostly got wet and got myself runny nose after that which then leads to headaches.
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