Brushing Teeth: The Proper And More Effective Way

One of the most effective ways of keeping our oral health is brushing teeth regularly. Many of us take the simple daily task of brushing teeth for granted and are even perfunctory. Yet comes the day when our regular dentist sends us to an expensive periodontist who advises us that oral hygiene is a must and no doubt even with the best of care and attention, you will be seeing me in the future.



Just the thought of the costs of those future visits to this dental specialist may jolt you into better and more thorough teeth brushing and flossing on a daily and regular basis. However for it to be really functional, brushing should be done the proper way. Though we do it two to three times in everyday of our lives we cannot out rightly tell we are doing it in an effective way.

Effective brushing entails employing the proper ways of brushing teeth which is exactly the topic of this article.

Proper Toothbrush Choice Is a Must, Ask Your Dentist:   

Effective brushing needs the service of an efficient yet gentle toothbrush and that is the nylon-bristled toothbrushes. This is the type that is mostly suggested by dentists worldwide. Toothbrushes can have various handle designs though the important thing is it can give you a comfort grip during brushing. Toothpaste is another thing to consider in tooth brushing. Pea size is the appropriate amount to be placed on your toothbrush and only the toothpaste with fluoride should be utilized since fluoride is for stronger teeth both in structure and against plaque build up.

Proper Toothbrush Position Technique And Methods:   

During brushing teeth, the right position of the toothbrush to make it effective in cleaning your teeth is 45 degree; with respect to your gum line. Starting from the gum line, gently make sweeping strokes towards the edge of your teeth’s outer and inner surfaces. Build up of plaques typically occur along the gum line so by doing this motion you can prevent their development. The front upper and lower front teeth’s inner surfaces though are much easier cleaned with the flicking strokes of your toothbrush that is held in a straight up position. For the chewing portions, parallel together with circular motions can do the job just right.

Reach Those Hard To Reach Surfaces:   

In starting teeth brushing, it is important to consider doing the inner surfaces of posterior teeth first because this is the part that is hard to reach and clean thus requires more time and energy which we still have in the beginning of the brushing process. However it is also important to move around every time and not start at the same spot constantly. This is to avoid concentrating the paste and force in one part of the teeth that can lead to the part’s damage sooner or later. The front teeth’s posterior and anterior surfaces on the other hand are easy to access that this part can be left for the last part of the brushing activity.

Brush, Clean Your tongue, Mouth Palate As Well:  

To ensure that you really come up with an overall dental health, it is important to clean the other oral cavity parts especially the tongue and palate. These parts have been known to harbor bacteria that are implicated in the development of plaques, dental caries and later on tooth decay. The parts in between teeth are also prone to build up of plaques because these are not readily accessible to the cleaning of toothbrush thus it could be very useful to use additional dental cleaning material like dental floss and mouthwash.

What Are Your Brushing Tips For Properly Brushing teeth?    

Do you follow all the points explained above? Or do you want to add further to the tips explained above, please share your views below.

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  1. Amazing how many adults don’t quite have the technique right.

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