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About 100 years ago the main threats to health were infections and poor living conditions. Now the health of many of us is threatened more by the softness of our living than by disease. Well how fit are you? You have probably asked yourself that question at one time or another, perhaps after running for a bus and missing it. Question a few things and you will get an answer.

Are You Overweight?   

Being overweight, threatened by high blood pressure, smoking, stressed easily or eating fried food doesn’t make you fit at all. A diet high in animal fat, smoking, excess alcohol intake, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, obesity, and stress all contribute to heart problems. Avoid passive smoking as well by keeping away from smokers. Exercising is beneficial for lungs too.

It is said that we must start with a don’t, but not to do so would be wrong. Tobacco consumption causes infinitely more ill health. Watch your weight. Take regular exercise. Make sweat and pant for 20 minutes at least three times a week. If you choose some form of exercise that you really enjoy, you will stand a far greater chance of keeping it up and making it a natural part of your life. Watch alcohol in take. Don’t drink more than 2l standard alcoholic drinks a week if you are a man or 14 if you are a woman. Learn to cope with stress.



Are You Stressed?   

Develop ways of dealing with the stresses that are an inevitable part of life. Be pleasant. Work hard at your relationships, and don’t take people for granted. Good relationships are one of the important keys to mental health. Avoid saturated fats. Look closely at the brands of food that you eat. Start eating fresher, unrefined, low fat food. These simple tips will reduce signs of depression and will keep your mind relaxed.

If you have a healthy mind, you will have a healthy body. If you feel becoming stressed, try to go somewhere quiet and do the relaxation exercises. Don’t allow work to consume more than 10 hours of your day. Make yourself take a nap in the mid of the day. Take regular exercises. Try to think logically and practically about your problems. If you have several emotional or sexual problems, seek professional help. Don’t rely in drugs. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Don’t dwell on the past or fret about the future.

Do You Check Your Diet? 

Eat sensibly. Eat less fat. Use non stick pans and prefer grilled or boiled meat. Use skim or semi skimmed milk. Use a soft margarine. Try using low fat yoghurt as a topping for desserts and salads. Cut down on cheese, red meat, high calorie desserts. Eat more fish and don’t eat more than 2-3 eggs per week. Eat more fiber. Eat whole wheat bread. Eat more peas, beans and lentils. Use fresh vegetables and fruits. Cut down on sugar. Eat less salt.

Regular exercise helps you to stay healthy and fit by maintaining and controlling body weight. Exercising reduces the level of fats and cholesterol in the body. Running, skipping, circuit training, rowing, cycling, swimming, soccer, squash or racquet ball, basket ball, skiing, walking, skating, tennis, badminton are some of the exercises that increase your metabolism and burn calories.

What Do You Have To Say?   

The above tips are really helpful if you follow them regularly. I am sure if you care for your physical and mental health, you must be following a health and fitness regime to keep mentally and physically healthy and fit.

Please do share your health tips with us here by putting your comments!!

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4 comments on “Best Physical And Mental Fitness Tips
  1. Bryan says:

    Very well said though stress can be a very hard thing to deal with. And yes, DONT DO DRUGS. 😀 Thanks for the info.

  2. Not only will the above health tips result in a healthier body and mind, but you’ll sleep better as well. When I eat well and stay active, I sleep much better which gives me much more energy and better wellbeing throughout the day.

    If you’re overweight, then the first thing to work toward is making a decision to lose weight and establish a consistent workout routine. Consistency, in my view, is key.
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