Best Herbs For Cholesterol Management

The issue of high cholesterol content in the blood is a common problem nowadays, and is not unusual for anyone to become a victim of it. Almost anyone could be suffering from this problem, even if they might not be aware of it. However, you must immediately consult your doctor as soon as you detect high levels of cholesterol in your body. This complete process is commonly known as cholesterol management. This might sound as something very tedious, but it keeps you safe from heart related issues.



Cholesterol management also includes some simple but firm rules that can lower cholesterol naturally. The first rule is to consume low amount of fat. This does not differentiate between total fat and unsaturated fat, since both of them are considered to have a negative effect. Loss of weight, consumption of fruits and green garden vegetables, intake of grilled food instead of fried ones and regular exercise are also some other rules that must be followed during these times.

The article here focuses on some additional rules that you must practice in order to completely implement cholesterol management. Extensive research done in this area has now proved that nature is a readily available source for all the essential components that are required for a healthy life. Naturally, plants are known to help in the reduction of cholesterol. You need not eat everything that is there in your garden, mentioned here are two very important herbs that you can include in your diet to facilitate effective cholesterol management.

Alfalfa Herb:      

Some recent studies and research done on alfalfa herbs has indicated that the saponins present in the seed of this herb are very useful in the fight against cholesterol accumulation. Saponins block the formation of plaque(atherosclerotic plaque). This is usually the result of accumulation of excessive cholesterol in the vessels of the blood.

The seeds of alfalfa attack the LDL (common term used for low density lipoprotein) and remove it from the blood. This place is then filled by HDL, high density lipoprotein, and this is what is good for the body. However, you must keep a check on the amount of alfalfa seeds consumed since excess consumption of these may cause potential damage to the red blood cells.

Garlic Bulb:   

Garlic has long been regarded as herb that can be a cure to several ailments. This is because garlic contains a high concentration of organo-sulfurcontents. These are also found in some green vegetables such as onion, broccoli and cauliflower. One significant advantage of taking garlic over the others is that the sulfur content in it is four times the content found in any other vegetable.

Sulfur is known to reduce the levels of LDL (also called bad cholesterol or serum cholesterol) and replace it with HDL (this is good cholesterol). This is result of the decrease in the number of clots that are the cause of the formation of plaque in arteries and blood vessels. These are also the major contributors of heart strokes and other heart related ailments. To conclude in simple words, garlic facilitates the circulation of blood smoothly for better cholesterol management.

What Are Your Views?       

Excess cholesterol poses lots of health concerns. How do you manage your cholesterol? Please comment below and share your tips and ideas on the subject.

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5 comments on “Best Herbs For Cholesterol Management
  1. PPI says:

    Herbs that lower your blood cholesterol levels are actually a fairly new science. In today’s society, increased LDL cholesterol has become a major health issue.Artichoke leaf extract, or Cynara Scolymnus may actually help lower cholesterol, according to recent studies and research.

  2. anubha says:

    very informative. will start taking garlic today itself.

  3. samantha says:

    Valuable and important knowledge you had share….cholesterol issues now a day very common and people ignore easily….thank to herb solution and thanks to you also.

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