Best Exercises For Weight Loss

There are so many types of exercises, machines, dvds, contraptions and weird ways to lose body fat. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements, infomercials, leaflets and posters of buff guys and busty, beautiful women who claim to have got their body from the endorsed product….

But what really works?

What Are The Best Exercises For Weight Loss?

There are two points to consider here, point A is that it must be something that you stick with and enjoy, and point B is that it must be something that burns enough calories to make a noticeable difference.



Finding exercise that you enjoy will help you so much that you will feel like you lost all of that weight and it wasn’t even hard work. So many times people will abandon a goal to get in great shape because they hate exercise.

I know that sometimes exercise can be boring – but it doesn’t have to be. If you hate running that much, then don’t go for another run, ever.

There are so many options for exercise that you probably never even considered, here are a few that are great fat burners, give you a full body workout, and most importantly are far more fun than just walking or running.

(1.) Swimming:   

You have probably heard swimming is a great way to lose body fat and get fit, but have you ever thought of actually going to the closest swimming pool/beach/lake to your house and getting in a good session?

Sometimes we see lists of things and think “Yeah, I know that already”, but if we put a bit more of it into action our goal would come to reality 10 times faster.

Do at least half an hour of laps while swimming, with small breaks when you need them.

(2) Boxing:  

How effective a boxing class is (like most other exercises) depends on how much you put into it. Often boxing classes are very physical workouts and will have you saturated in sweat and burning a staggering amount of calories and body fat.

Often gyms will run these classes and call them “Kick” or “Box” classes.

These are okay, but it is best to go along to an actual boxing gym, because nothing makes you work harder and sweat harder than a decent coach, someone else trying to outwit you, and the feeling that you are Rocky in the making.

(3) Exercise Machine Changing:   

I can’t sit for longer than 10 minutes on a rowing machine, nor a bike, so I don’t. If I decide to do a machine workout (but to be honest I would rather be boxing or something productive using my brain), then I will do 10 minutes on each machine, the rower, the stationary bike and the treadmill. Times passes faster, especially if you have a decent iPod.

(4) Weight Lifting:

 Before you go conjuring up images of strongmen in leopard skin underpants with curly moustaches, think of the benefits that come from lifting weights – for girls and guys, young and old.

The old saying “What you don’t use, you lose” is equally true with our bodies. If we don’t use our bodies to the full capabilities they should be, we lose strength, muscle, flexibility, muscle memory and any skills we used to have.

Remember how when you were younger you used to be able to (insert old hobby here i.e. skateboarding, guitar, sewing, build radios, trap eels)?

Well, you know all too well that what you don’t use, you lose.

Lifting weights is a great fat burner because not only do you burn calories while you are lifting in the gym or at home, but for up to 24 hours after your session, your metabolism is working at an elevated rate, burning up to a few hundred more calories than normal!

So what are you waiting for? To get some new running shoes? Isn’t it about time you got started?

Talk is cheap.

Stop making excuses and start learning how to burn body fat fast and sculpt yourself a lean, healthy body starting right now.

Discuss Your Ways Of Losing Weight:   

How do you lose weight? What exercises do you do for it? Share your tips in the comments below.

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2 comments on “Best Exercises For Weight Loss
  1. Gordon Drago says:

    People are way to obsessed with cardio. Cardio increases stress hormones which actually makes you put on more weight. Resistance training and sprinting is the way to go!

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