Best Exercises For Pregnant Mom

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and challenging moments in a woman’s life. The life growing inside you is enough to make you jump for joy and at the same time, makes you wonder if your body will ever be the same afterwards.

Understandably, many women fear that exercising during pregnancy can harm their babies. However, living a sedentary lifestyle is more harmful to both mother and child.

Benefits Of Pre-Natal Exercise:    

As a woman’s body changes during pregnancy, it is important for the mother to prepare for labor and birth – mentally and physically. This is where exercising comes in. A low-impact exercise helps minimize labor pains and eases delivery by strengthening the muscles and the heart.



Exercise also relieves lower back pains that are common during pregnancy. With all the weight on your lower back and abdomen, it becomes difficult to sleep. A good exercise helps pregnant women get a good night’s rest. It also reduces constipation, which is another common problem during pregnancy.

Try These Exercises During Pregnancy:     

If you have not exercised for a while, start slow and build your pace as you get more comfortable. Below are some best exercises for pregnant mom.

1. Walking:   

The easiest to do of all pre-natal exercises, walking gives you a cardiovascular workout without the need for any exercise equipment. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes that help you keep your balance, and you are good to go. Walking is safe to do all throughout your pregnancy, but be careful not to wear yourself out. Start with a slow five-minute walk around the block and increase the time as you get used to it.

2. Swimming:  

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that increases muscle tone and improves circulation. By using all the muscle groups in your body, swimming helps you burn calories even if you are just skimming the water. The breaststroke is ideal for pregnant women since it does not put strain in the back. It also does not require women to rotate their torsos like the freestyle or front crawl does, so the abdomen receives no tension.

3. Yoga:

If you want to stay in shape during pregnancy, yoga is your best bet. Pre-natal yoga teaches women how to breathe deeply through the nose (not through the mouth, like some people do), something that comes in handy when giving birth. This breathing technique, also called ujjayi, primes your mind to stay calm when in labor. In addition to breathing, yoga also tones muscles and improves circulation.

4. Kegels:   

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help prevent urinary incontinence after birth. Start by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles (imagine trying to stop the flow of urine) and release after three counts. Make sure that your belly remains relaxed by placing your hand over it.

 5. Stretching: 

Tightening of muscles is common during pregnancy and stretching helps loosen the tension. These exercises are very easy to do, sitting or standing. If you have been sitting at work for hours, stretching your arms, back and legs will make you more relaxed.

Strenuous exercise can pose a serious hazard to your pregnancy, so it is best to stick to light or low-impact exercises. Pregnancy is a time for many firsts. If you have not tried exercising yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

What Exercises You Have Been Doing During Pregnancy?   

How did you find the above set of exercises for pregnant mom? Share your pregnancy exercise regime that you had followed and were satisfied with.

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