Does Beer Effects Weight Loss Efforts?

Many people like drinking beer around the world. Beers are popular at parties, nightclubs and social gatherings. Beers are also highly appreciated during summer. Who doesn’t like an ice cold beer during summer on a nice beach somewhere? Beer drinking between friends is also fun but if you’re trying to lose weight, be careful. If you overindulge in beers every weekend, not only is it detrimental for health but you will be sabotaging your weight loss efforts made during the week. Two or three beers are still reasonable but if you go till the point of drunkenness and intoxication, you have most probably exceeded the average consumption. Generally, beers are chock-full of empty calories and they can cause weight gain easily and give you a potbelly. This is why the term “beer belly” was coined for people who are overweight and obese and have belly fat.



Effects Of Beer Consumption: 

Going on heavy beer drinking sessions on a regular basis can have several side effects like reducing testosterone production in men and decreasing androgen flowing in the bloodstream. This can have a negative impact on the resting metabolic rate as well as overall strength, energy levels and recovery speed from exercise. In addition, alcohol consumption can have an adverse effect on growth hormones (GH) by lowering its secretion levels. GH is a powerful fat burning hormone that our bodies naturally produce so disrupting it is not a good idea in your quest for fat loss and weight loss.

Furthermore, drinking excessive beer dehydrates your muscles, causes bloating and lowers your metabolism impeding your weight loss efforts in the process. Giving yourself a treat with beers from time to time moderately won’t do much harm but overindulging will jeopardize all your weight loss efforts, goals and aspirations. So think well before taking another beer. When drinking with buddies, it’s easy to gulp down one beer after another to get really high because that’s the fun part but always remember your objectives. I know it’s not easy but you need to do it if you want to lose weight.

Beer Nutrition Facts:   

One thing you need to know about beers though is not all beers are equal in calorie intake. Some beers have less calories so that can be a better choice for you.
Beers contain very little protein around 1 gram per bottle typically and practically no fat content. So reyling on beers for your protein intake is a bad idea considering all the empty calories you’ll ingest just to get that little protein. It’s simply not worth it as there are far better alternatives out there for protein sources which are more nutritious and healthy as well. Beer also contains low amount of sodium but excessive consumption will increase the sodium intake. Too much sodium is bad as this can cause bloating and water retention resulting in weight gain.

Beers pack very low nutritional value and with its empty calories, this is one of the major dietary downsides of beers. For sure, your body will use some of the empty carbs for energy but the surplus of calories will be stored as fats.

Beer drinking is one of the pleasures of life but should be done in moderation so as not to handicap your weight loss efforts. So why not drink responsibly and have both at the same time?

Do You Drink Beer While On A Weight Loss Routine?    

If so, what are the effects of beer on your weight loss goals? Do share your views, experiences with us.

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7 comments on “Does Beer Effects Weight Loss Efforts?
  1. I am little bit confused with this article as I know that beer helps in weight gain. I will do little search on this , thanks for the post.

  2. Tomek says:

    Hi! I can definitely endorse the negative effect of alcohol consumption in general and of beer in particular if you intend to lose weight.

    I’m obsessed with ripped abs and when I decided to get myself a six pack, few years ago, I kept quite a strict diet and exercised intensively. However, progress was less far slower than expected…

    Talking to a fitness consultant, we identified as a key slow down factor the fact that I was drinking alcohol, mostly beer in the evening. So I stopped that and had great results. So guys, just give it a try and you will be amazed at the fat loss boost you get once you stop drinking.
    Tomek´s last post…..Rock Hard AbsMy Profile

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Excess of beer consumption does cause weight gain, therefore one has to keep a check if you intend to lose weight or planning to start a weight loss regime.

  3. Gordon Drago says:

    ya beer causes blood sugar problems. Which causes the stress response in your body and makes you gain even more weight. Stay away from beer. Just drink water.

  4. I love drinking beer, i recently noticed that my belly had started popping.I think I may have to reduce my consumption because it’s really effecting my weight loss goals.

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