Bee Pollen: The Immune System’s Secret Weapon

If you are looking for a supplement that will help you to boost immune function, then you need look no further than bee pollen. But just what is bee pollen, and how can it possibly help to support your immune system?

What Is Bee Pollen?   

Bee pollen is what is made when a bee collects pollen from the flowers around them. By adding a bit of honey to the pollen that they are collecting, they make little granules of pollen which then carry back to the hive and it is this stuff that the bees use to create the honey that sustains them.

For millennium humans have been aware of the benefits of bee pollen on the human system, but especially on the human immune system, which is why it has been considered an indispensable supplement all throughout history. But what specific benefits does bee pollen have on the human system?



Bee Pollen And The Human Immune System:   

The human immune system is an intricate system that keeps you healthy and free of illness when it is working properly. Unfortunately, with so many pollutants and chemicals and additives in our air and food today, it is hardly unexpected that some of them clog up our systems and make us more susceptible to illness and disease, so it is understandable that you would want as much ammunition against illness as possible, and this is why you would benefit from adding bee pollen to your diet.

While there are many claims as to the miraculous nature of bee pollen, the truth is that there is no miracle cure for disease. Bee pollen does, however, contain a great number of nutrients including minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids in every tablespoon, which means that it is one of the most concentrated sources of this particular combination of nutrients on the planet, and is an easy way to get the supplement support you need without taking dozens of pills or eating ridiculous amounts of foods.

By taking bee pollen regularly you can actually boost the functioning of your immune system by doing everything from improving your allergies to such things as pollen and (can you imagine it?) bees, to providing the extra oomph that you need to battle such things as cancer and auto immune diseases as well as arthritis and respiratory tract infections by giving you the extra nutrition you need to produce the white blood cells to counter the problem.

As an added benefit, bee pollen also works as an antimicrobial agent, a fact which makes it invaluable for giving the body an extra tool in its fight against infections including things as simple as common colds and yeast infections to the fatiguing seasonal flu to far more serious infections that can cause such an interruption in a person life.

The knowledge that there are so many diseases and illness floating around out there makes it important to arm yourself in every way you can, and taking bee pollen to help boost your immune system can be another weapon in your immune system arsenal for fighting illness and infection.

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Bee pollen can work wonders in boosting your immune system. Have you ever tried it? Did you know the various health benefits of bee pollen? Do share your views with us in the comments below.

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