Are Milkshakes Good For Health?

A milkshake really is one of life’s palatable guilty pleasures, but are milkshakes good for health? With its creamy and fruity contents and alluring exterior, surely the temptation of one is just too hard to resist?



However, the only thing preventing us from happily consuming our own body weight in ice cream is the high calorific count. It’s no secret that a milkshake is a tad unhealthy (if we say “tad” we feel better, ok), but that’s the very reason why we love them, right? A milkshake is unashamedly unhealthy, naughty and delicious, and if we only treat ourselves to one sparingly, then our bodies won’t end up with the BMI of lard.

So, the question is: How many calories do a glass of milkshake has? Well, it all depends on the kind of milkshake, how much fruit, ice cream, milk etc you intend to block up your arteries with. We appreciate that this doesn’t answer the question, so the best way to tackle it is by looking at the most popular, long-standing choice of the masses; the true personification of this fluffy beverage: the strawberry milkshake.

The strawberry milkshake is still heavy on the calorie count. One large MacDonald’s strawberry milkshake, for example, contains a humongous 540 calories. Now, obviously no one is forcing to you to devour the whole cup, so you can opt for a medium-sized milkshake at 420 calories, or even better (morally, financially and healthily!) a small one would only deliver 220 calories. Still effective enough to cause a small child to think it’s a unicorn for an hour though.

The good news is, however, there are a number of healthier alternatives, meaning that you can still enjoy this fruity privilege without the associated guilt.

The best palpable option, of course, is to make your own from scratch and simply introduce more fruit than ice cream.

But, if like us you have minimal will-power, then you’ll just end up feeling like a bloated, nauseous whale on the sofa until the tide next comes in. Ah well, that’s why a milkshake’s a guilt pleasure…

Do You Get Tempted To Milkshakes Or Care For Your Health? 

Without a doubt anyone can get tempted to that glass of shake but how many of us really control ourselves from gulping down that delicious glass of milkshake full of calories and care for our health! What is your take on this? Do you get tempted or you resist yourself from the temptation? If you are able to control yourself, then how do you do it? What are your ways of keeping yourself away? Do certainly share with us. You must be a great soul having such a big will power!! But anyways, health comes above everything else, what do you say?

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