Are Eggs Bad For Cholesterol | Cholesterol In Eggs Good Or Bad

If you love eating eggs, at some point of time or other a thought must have crossed your mind – Are eggs bad for cholesterol? In today’s lifestyle one often battles with the question, whether cholesterol in eggs good or bad? Though eggs come most handy and convenient breakfast diet packed with power of protein and nutrients, still we have a concern – are eggs bad for cholesterol. Well, we will try to find answers to this concern here.

Are Eggs Bad For Cholesterol

Are Eggs Bad For Cholesterol

Though eggs are high in cholesterol which can contribute to high blood cholesterol levels, this varies from person to person. Eating too many eggs in a day may increase your cholesterol, but if you eat moderately, eating upto four eggs in a week has not been found to increase your cholesterol levels.

What Is The Recommended Number Of Eggs That You Can Eat:

You can eat eggs without guilt, just keep the daily cholesterol limits under check when you are including eggs in your diet.

  • For a healthy individual, the recommended daily limit of dietary cholesterol is under 300 mg.
  • For an individual with diabetes, cardiovascular diease or high low density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) level the recommended daily limit of dietary cholesterol is under 200 mg.

An egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol all of which is in the yolk, therefore on the day you eat egg you should limit your intake of other dietary cholesterol. If you love eating eggs, you can consider eating egg whites only which do not contain cholesterol.

Studies Show Eggs Increase Good Cholesterol Levels:

The new studies from the University of Connecticut found eating eggs actually increased good cholesterol (HDL) levels and reduced disease producing inflammation in the body which indicates cholesterol in eggs are good for health.

Researchers asked one group of participants on carbohydrate restricted diet to have three eggs per day while another group were asked to have equivalent amount of egg substitute. After 12 weeks the group which ate eggs experienced increase in HDL (Good Cholesterol) levels from 50 mg/dl to 59 mg/dl, doctors recommend HDL levels over 40 mg/dl in men. This group did not experience change in their LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels.

According to Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D., nutrition professor at the University of Connecticut Lecithin, a substance found in the egg yolks, helps remove cholesterol from tissue and transports it to the liver, so it doesn’t build up in blood vessels.

Fernandez further says, in another study people on carbohydrate restricted diet with metabolic diseases who ate three eggs for 12 weeks experienced  decrease in inflammatory markers in the body indicating the decrease in the risk of heart diseases. An antioxidant caroteinoid called Lutein found in the yolk probably helped to reduce this inflammation.

Fernandez concludes that eating eggs do not cause heart diseases, infact they do the opposite.

Nutrients In Eggs:

Though eggs have cholesterol, they are also known to be an excellent source of nutrients and high quality proteins. Eggs are the natural source of vitamin D. Eggs also contain vitamins B6 and B12, folate, choline, and riboflavin, nutrients which are believed to prevent heart diseases.

According to a study by researchers in Canada, eggs are believed to contain antioxidants which help control inflammation thereby preventing heart diseases. Accoridng to scientists at the University of Alberta eggs have similar oxidant properties to that of an apple.

How To Cook Eggs Healthily?

You may cook eggs as per your taste, the way you like them – scrambled, fried or boiled but do not use better while cooking eggs though you may use little quantity of olive oil. Yolk is where all the cholesterol is, therefore you may avoid yolk altogether and use egg whites or else you can mix one egg yolk with two or three egg whites just to reduce the cholesterol content.

The Catch Here Is…..

Enjoy eating eggs but in moderation, do keep a check on the intake of dietary cholesterol. If you are including eggs in your diet on a particular day, balance you cholesterol intake from other sources so as not to cross the recommended daily cholesterol limits.

Remember eggs are a good source of HDL (Good Cholesterol), but never jump the limits.

What Do You Say?

Do you consider eggs bad for cholesterol? If you enjoy eating eggs, do you care not to exceed the recommended safe limits? How do you do that, just share with us in the comments below.

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4 comments on “Are Eggs Bad For Cholesterol | Cholesterol In Eggs Good Or Bad
  1. RJS KOCHHAR says:

    Thanks Joe for reading the article, hope you got some informative facts about eggs here!!

  2. Rahul Sharma says:

    I don’t think Cholesterol in Eggs is bad; Egg has some other ingredients like Protein, etc so other nutrients can balance it.

    I regularly eat eggs and I am fit; I don’t have Cholesterol.

    BTW, Nice post and interesting too.


  3. Ravi Kochhar says:

    Yes Jimmy, eggs are good for health and if you follow the law of moderation, you should not be afraid of cholesterol. Personally I too don’t like eggs without yolks. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ravi Kochhar says:

    Eggs are infact healthy and good for you because they provide protein and other nutrients which help repair the body from day to day wear and tear. Just keep a check on never to overeat and be within the moderate limits of about four eggs a week.

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