Are Bodyweight Exercises Better?

5 Reasons Why Bodyweight Exercises Are Better!    

Many people wake up, weigh themselves on the scale and decide to lose weight. Then the next thing they say after that is “Well, I guess I better hit the gym.” But the truth is that if you want to get in amazing shape, going to the gym is NOT necessary. In fact, the gym can be a detriment to getting into shape because of the commute. And with a large percentage of gym goers dropping out after the first month, there needs to be a more practical way to get in amazing shape…

Well, you’re in luck. There is – and it’s called bodyweight exercises!

1. You Can Do Them Anywhere, Anytime: 

You don’t have to deal with the annoying commute of going to the gym, and you never have an excuse to miss a workout. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on vacation, visiting someone, or on a business trip – you’ll always be able to do your workout and take as long or short time as you want.

2. You Can Adjust The Workouts To Your Level:

Bodyweight exercises can be as hard or as easy as you want them to. By combining leverage and repetitions, you can adjust the level to either easy, medium, or advanced.



3. You Can Get Creative:   

You can be extremely creative with bodyweight workouts. Not only can you do interesting workouts that involve twists turns, jumps and flips like you’re a kid again – but you can also combine normal workouts in different ways to keep them interesting.

4. It’s Functional Fitness:   

Being able to carry your body around efficiently and easily is not only great for looking and feeling good – but it’s extremely good for functioning in day to day life. Stairs, lifting yourself, hiking and even playing around are a lot easier when you’re in great shape.

5. It’s Safer:  

A lot of injuries and accidents with weights happen to beginners who don’t know what they’re doing. With bodyweight exercises, the risks of hurting yourself are far, far less which also allows you to push yourself harder at times with less worry!

Sample Bodyweight Exercises:   

Here’s a sample of bodyweight workout:

15 push ups

1 minute plank

3 pull ups

20 squats

The Ultimate In Functional Fitness:   

There’s a reason that bodyweight exercises have been used for centuries among elite fighting forces to get people into amazing, functional shape. In fact, the simple exercises of the pull-ups and push ups are the bread and butter of military’s around the world. Nothing means functional fitness more than the ability to easily move, pull, and push your own weight.

Another amazing thing is that if you couple the exercises with dips and pull ups, then you can also get an amazing physique. Many people falsely believe that it’s 100% necessary to use weights to get a great body, but it’s not true. As long as you do a wide range of bodyweight exercises that target the different muscles and are able to use a large proportion of your bodyweight, you can look and feel great through the exercises.

So What Are You Waiting For?   

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and do some pushups!

Your Say!!          

We desperately seek your views and comments on the topic. Have you tried these bodyweight exercises, whether yes or no, do let us know what you think about these by putting your comments below?

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7 comments on “Are Bodyweight Exercises Better?
  1. Paramjit says:

    I believe that one should master bodyweight exercises before ever needing to go to the gym. As you have rightfully pointed out, bodyweight exercises are functional exercises. Also bodyweight exercises are some of the toughest exercises on will ever do. try doing a 1 arm push up or a 1 leg squat. It can bring even the strongest body builder to his knees.
    Paramjit´s last post…..How You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure With Short Intense ExerciseMy Profile

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      Yes indeed, bodyweight exercises are the best way to gain strength, muscle and shape up your body. No need of hitting the gym if one can concentrate on these exercises.

  2. p90 x says:

    This is why i always prepare push-ups, pull-ups and crunches for my daily routines when im not on the gym. Of course going to the gym with the right machines and with the help of top instructors will always be the right thing to do. But with limited resources we can always do these safe and effective substitutes.
    p90 x´s last post…..BeachBody P90X-Who Created P90XMy Profile

  3. RJS KOCHHAR says:

    Aerobics may also be treated as body weight exercises.

  4. Parth says:

    Certainly!! Aerobics do fall under Tthe category of bodyweight exercises but the technical difference is that aerobics are focused towards enhancing cardio-respiratory fitness (& endurance) while bodyweight exercises also include a lot of muscle work for improving muscle size, strength & anaerobic endurance!

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