Aerobics Is Good For Health And Fitness

Why aerobics is good for health? Though an average individual takes in about thirty five ml of oxygen, (for each kilogram weight of the body), a good athlete can take up ninety ml per kg! This vast difference is not always owing to the gene-factor that makes them more fit, with better stamina. In fact more often than not, it is because of the rigorous training they put themselves through, which ultimately makes them stronger and fit thankfully enough, any average individual can adapt his or her body to reach the same level too, with the right training. Aerobics in such cases turn out to be a good option to work out the body.

Aerobics Is Good For Health

Aerobics Is Good For Health

The best thing about aerobics is that a proper workout regime, if followed can help the body easily adapt. The most common and important changes you would observe in your body once you begin to practice aerobics is that your heart would start pumping more blood. The muscle of the heart gets larger in size and works more effectively. The heart would thus have to beat less, since each beat generates more blood. This is a good and healthy sign of course.

Also the muscles of an aerobic trained body become more active in the sense that they can consume and utilizes oxygen better. The mitochondrion, (an important part of the cells that is responsible for providing power to the muscles) gets more active and overall the efficiency of the body increases. Just like already said, in case of athletes who consume about ninety ml oxygen per kg, the muscles and thus the body would be seen to be twice as fit, as compared to any average individual who consume thirty five ml of the oxygen gas for each kg of body weight. The simple calculation is, when the oxygen intake doubles, the fitness automatically almost doubles up too no wonder why aerobics is good for health.

Aerobics Makes You More Fit And Trim:

Aerobics helps you burn fat, that not only makes you look smarter, with less weight, but also helps you derive adequate energy out of your body’s store of fats. This happens owing to the fact that fat needs a lot of oxygen to burn away. Since aerobics is all about taking in more oxygen, and making you more fit, fats get burnt easily. Fats, being a good fuel, when burnt away, can do a lot of good to your health. It makes you a lot more energetic that contributes to how much stamina you have.

Aerobics Improves Your Stamina:

Consistent work out and training in aerobics can go a long way in making the body become fit and better in terms of stamina and function capabilities. Though it takes a while and disciplined work out to start showing the results, aerobics can certainly go a long way, in improving the functioning of one of the most vital organs of the body, the heart and also well effecting the working of the muscle cells. You become a self machine for burning away fats, and not start looking lean and well toned, but also feel and become healthy enough, doing your body justice just like any good athlete would. Indeed it proves that aerobics is good for health.

Group Discussion:

Group discussion is a way to self educate ourselves. It’s always healthy to discuss a topic and share your view point with others, this makes a win – win situation for everyone. If you are into aerobics, how beneficial you find aerobics for keeping you healthy and fit? Please discuss and put your comments on the subject.

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