Acne Skin Care And Diet Plan

Acne is a skin condition that causes excessive oil secretion and clogged pores which are triggered primarily by hormonal shifts in the body. Acne develops into inflammation, dark spots, blemishes and pimples on the skin and can vary from mild to severe in its effect. It really does not take a doctor or health expert to point out that a healthy diet is essential for acne skin care.

Acne Skin Care


The fact of the matter is that most of the time acne generally gets worse because people tend to ignore the skin condition and become careless with their diets and their unhygienic habits. The best way to get rid of acne is actually quite simple, take care of the skin thoroughly and regularly as well as avoid eating such food items that could induce or enhance acne. The key to beautiful skin involves some very easy steps.

Food For Acne Skin Care:    

Food consumption in general does not have a direct link to causing acne. However it can make the condition a lot worse than it is. For example oily foods contain grease in the food which appears on the skin making the acne worse. According to research there is a relation between the production of sebum and hormones therefore it is favorable to avoid such food items that hold hormones such as dairy products especially cheese or red meat. Research suggests that a person’s acne is indirectly affected by diet. For a more healthy nourishing skin it is a good idea to consume food such as high fiber food and some whole grains. Hydrating the skin is also essential to reduce the likelihood of acne condition since water helps flush out toxins from the body that help develop acne in the first place. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits is always recommended. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that provide the essential nutrients that the body needs. The skin requires vitamin B2, B3, A and E to keep it healthy and glowing. Zinc in particular holds properties that help fight against bacteria or infections that cause acne. Some very good vegetables that can be added to the diet list include carrots, spinach and kale. Other vitamins beneficial to the skin are wheat germ, eggs, fish oil and broccoli. Food high in fiber is recommended to improve the acne conditions. High fiber attaches itself with the food consumed to help digestion.  Fruits should be added to the diet list because fruits contain antioxidants that help remove inflammation and acne breakouts by naturally getting rid of acne causing free radicals in the body.

A study conducted in 2009 concluded that a low glycemic diet or lower carbohydrates causes the acne to be reduced to quite an extent. According to this study it was evident that diet and a healthy lifestyle play a strong role towards healthy skin. It is favorable not to exclude all carbohydrates from the diet since the body needs a specific amount however a lower intake would do wonders for the skin.

What’s Your Tips For Acne Free Skin?  

Let’s have your tips on acne skin care. How do you keep your skin healthy and acne free? Put your comments below for the benefit of the readers.

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8 comments on “Acne Skin Care And Diet Plan
  1. Adam GS says:

    nice tips, I’m also eating lots of apples and drink plenty of water, that keeps me acne safe! but I did not knew about glycemic diet 😀

  2. Susan D. Johnson says:

    Your post proves that the most important thing in keeping a healthy skin is diet and lifestyle change. Just like the saying,”You are what you eat”. Pimples and acne are inevitable but it can be prevented and minimize through exercise and diet. You can find a lot of cystic acne treatment in stores, concealers,makeups, etc,to cover the problem with acne and zits. But what is important is to keep in mind our diet and lifestyle because these will not only affect our face but the body as a whole.
    Thanks for the post!
    Susan D. Johnson´s last post…..How to Get Rid of Really Bad Acne Scars Scar Removal Tips and Techniques cystic acne treatmentMy Profile

  3. It truly is amazing how much of our overall health diet affects. I bet until people read your in-depth post that diet, especially eating meat, never occurred to many people suffering from acne.

    Likewise, staying properly hydrated is so important for health. This simple tip can help prevent many ailments and conditions. If you have a genetic disposition to acne, drinking water won’t solve the problem, but it can contribute to minimizing acne – one factor of many with respect to diet to help reduce severity, duration, and frequency of outbreaks.
    Christine Vleestra´s last post…..Acne and Stress – Make the Connection &amp Clear Your Face NaturallyMy Profile

  4. Lily says:

    If you treat acne from within you will always have great looking skin. This is because acne starts internally and breakouts are merely a symptom of a problem going on inside. Thanks for a very informative and educating article.

  5. Edith says:

    Acne is probably most people problem due to it’s self disgracing effect. Everything else seems affected like the way you treat your friends and the people around you. You lack confidence and you feel unwanted just because of your acne.
    Edith´s last post… to get rid of stretch marksMy Profile

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