Tips To Cure And Prevent Acidity

Acidity is a common problem, we have all suffered from it at some point or other. Acidity occurs when there is excess secretion of acids in the gastric glands of your stomach. We feel heartburn when the secretion is more than normal, this condition occurs when we consume very spicy foods. Acidity can be cured and controlled by following simple health tips in our daily routine. Fruits are very good and handy remedy to cure acidity, they not only cure acidity, but also help in our overall health andfitness. Fruits have great nutritional value for our health and fitness and a good and easy source to cure acidity.



Health Tips To Cure And Prevent Acidity:

  • TIP 1:

Make a habit to have a glass of luke warm water everyday, it helps relieve acidity.

  • TIP 2:

Have watermelons, bananas and cucumbers in your daily diet. Watermelon juice is very helpful to cure acidity.

  • TIP 3:

Coconut water is a very good source to help cure acidity and soothe your system. So try to have coconut water daily to keep away acidity.

  • TIP 4:

Drink a glass of milk everyday. Milk is also very helpful in relieving acidity besides it provides calcium which is good for your health and fitness.

  • TIP 5:

If you suffer from acidity on a regular basis, never over eat and avoid aerated drinks as well as caffeine. You can have some herbal tea instead.

  • TIP 6:

Always make a habit to have your last meal two to three hours before you go to bed this will help control acidity.

  • TIP 7:

Jaggery, lemons, bananas, almonds and yogurt are all good to give you instant relief.

  • TIP 8:

Acidity can also be triggered if you remain empty stomach for long hours. Have small meals at regular intervals.

  • TIP 9:

Avoid having pickles, spicy chutneys, vinegar etc. in your food as these are responsible to trigger acidity.

  • TIP 10:

Acidity can also be a result of excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, so keep a check on these.

  • TIP 11:

Mint leaves are known to be a good cure for acidity. Boil some mint leaves in water and have a glass of this after meals.

  • TIP 12:

Ginger is yet another source to cure acidity, since ginger is known for digestion and its anti – inflammation properties. You can add ginger to your regular food preparation or you can have it in the form of powdered ginger capsules.

  • TIP 13:

Try chewing gums, the saliva so generated moves food through the esophagus, relieving symptoms of heartburn, but its best to avoid mint flavored gum.

  • TIP 14:

Acidity can also be prevented by consuming vegetables such as drumsticks, beans, pumpkin, carrot, cabbage, capsicum, spring onion etc.

  • TIP 15:

Lemon water with sugar can be sipped on an hour before lunch to reduce uneasiness.

These health tips will help you to cure and prevent acidity and let you live a healthy, fit and comfortable life as far as acidity is concerned.

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    i had to stop drinking milk because whenever i drank milk it caused acidity and it is advised by most doctors to avoid milk and milk products when having acidity.

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    Eat chewing gum before meals. The saliva generated during chewing facilitates smooth movement of food through esophagus and minimizes symptoms of acidity or heartburn. A simple preparation of lemon water with sugar can be sipped on an hour before lunch to reduce uneasiness. If you are suffering from gastritis, then clove acts as the wonder drug to get you rid of this sensation.

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