A ‘Love Apple‘ Is Good For Your Health

Wondering what a love apple is ! and what does it has to do with your health. Well, yes it does have a strong role to play in your overall health and fitness. First, what it is ? — A tomato, that’s right. Tomatoes were colloquially known as love apples in France and Italy during colonial times.

Love Apple (Tomato)

Love Apple (Tomato)

A tomatois a rich source of calcium, lime, carbohydrates, and several other mineral salts. The fact is, it has more amount of vitamins A, B, and C than what is found in oranges and grapes and it also contains five times more iron than eggs. One of the several benefits that a love apple has is that the lime contained in it strengthens the bones. It plays an important role of enhancing the blood in the body. A glass of tomato juice taken daily removes shortage of blood in the body.
It is a well known fact that what we eat and our eating habits play an important role in our general health apart from the physical exercises that we indulge ourselves in, in our daily lifestyle.
You all will agree with me when I say it doesn’t take any extra effort to have a love apple a day to keep the doctor away, since it automatically becomes the very basic ingredient of our daily food intake, without you going out of your way to include it in your daily diet, whether it’s a tomato sauce, a tomato ketchup, or a tomato purie its there everywhere and becomes part of your daily table layout. And they are yummy too, aren’t they?

Lets see what benefits we are gaining from having tomatoes in our daily diet and how silently they become part of our daily health care.

Why A Love Apple Is Good For Your Health?

Beautifies Your Face :

A mixture of tomato juice and honey, in equal quantities, when applied twice everyday for half an hour remove wrinkles and add glow to the face.

Helps In Teething :

A spoonful of tomato juice given twice or thrice daily can expedite a child’s teething process.

Reduces Obesity :

It also helps in reducing extra weight. Tomatoes and onion sprinkled with rock salt, if taken regularly can help in shedding extra weight.

Blood Purifier :

It acts as a blood purifier too. Tomato juice taken two to three times everyday can cure skin diseases.

Diabetes :

Because of its acidic properties, it can reduce the quantity of sugar in urine, if taken regularly.

Strengthens Lungs And Liver :

A glassful of a mixture of tomato and honey taken everyday on an empty stomach strengthens lungs and liver.

Boils :

Boils in mouth can be cured by gargling with tomato juice mixed with water.

Removes Constipation :

It also helps in removing constipation.

Brightens Complexion :

Tomatobrightens up the complexion and gives it a glowing outlook. Its regular use also removes duskiness.

After analyzing the above mentioned benefits, don’t you think that a balanced daily diet of love apples and its moderate use becomes a necessity of our daily health care.apart from other daily physical fitness activities to remain healthy and fit always.

How did you find the benefits of ‘LOVE APPLE’? Do put your comments and share your views on the subject.

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