7 Extreme Diets: Dare To Try Them?

If you consider vegetarians extreme in their diet you may change your mind after reading this. Compared to the way of eating some people experience (and yes, they seem to live fine with it), being a vegetarian looks like a child’s play. Maybe you will find no appeal to any of these extreme diets or maybe you will be interested at least to try some of them for a while. Most of their followers have quite convincing arguments that their diet is the healthiest in the world. Of course they can’t all be right.

For sure it’s worth learning more and getting introduced to these extreme diets with an open mind!

1. Vegan Extreme Diet:

Being a vegan is an everyday life for many people and it’s one of the most relaxed diets listed in this article. And still for the most of us it sounds like a real extreme diet. Veganism means to exclude any kind of animal products from your diet. To be precise, veganism is a philosophy that excludes any kind of use of animal products – not only in food but also in clothing and any other purpose you may think about.



Being vegan certainly goes beyond the vegetarian diet – it means you won’t eat any milk, dairy products, eggs, fish and so on. Most of the vegans claim that following their diet helps tremendously their health and helps them lose weight effortlessly. Indeed, consuming vegetable food with lots of fruits and fresh veggies is widely considered great for health.

However just like any other diets, poorly planned vegan diet can lead to vitamin and iron deficiency which can be very dangerous for your health.

2.  Fruitarianism:

If being vegan is extreme, what to say about Fruitarianism extreme diets? These people eat only fruits, seeds and nuts. Because doing this is really pushing the limits, vegans who get more than 3/4 of their calories this way are also considered fruitarians even if they sometimes eat grains or vegetables.

There are various ethical and ideological reasons to adopt such way of eating, but what we are more interested in here are the health effects of eating extreme diets. Some studies show that fruitarians have almost ideal body-mass-index and weight. However this is a very restrictive diet and risks to face serious nutritional deficits are very real. Maybe its worth a try just for a month or so?

3. Extreme Diets Of Raw Foods:

Raw foodism is also an extreme diet but it is more relaxed than fruitarianism. Raw foodists eat uncooked and unprocessed food (if not 100%, at least as a large percentage of their diet). While there are some variations in the diet and it may include dairy products or even raw eggs and meat, most raw foodists are vegans. It’s considered one of the healthiest diets and many adopters even claim that eating raw can cure serious diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Of course the diet receives also a lot of criticism because eating raw can easily cause food poisoning and nutrition shortages.

4. Instinctive Eating:   

Now prepare for some more fun. Do you know what is instinctive eating? It’s an “extreme diet” in which you eat everything that you “feel” is good for you. You just leave your nose and tongue to choose the food just like the animals do. Instinctive eaters even claim that the food changes taste while you consume it and starts tasting bad when you’ve had enough of it. Ha! I know this can’t be true because I can eat chocolate all the time, and a lot of it!

5. Juicearianism: 

Juicearianism is a form of raw foodism in which people consume mostly fruit and vegetable juice. And yes, like with any other extreme diet, many of its fans believe it’s the healthiest way of eating possible. Now, there is no doubt that juicing for a while is a great way to detox your body and is a good thing to try from time to time. But living on juice all the time? Sounds weird at least!

6. Sproutarianism:   

Speaking about weird, some people eat mainly sprouts and call their diet sproutarianism. While this group is very small, there are many raw foodists who include a lot of sprouts in their diet. Advantages? Sprouts are rich of many vitamins, proteins, amino acids… And of course there are critics who talk about foodborne illness and food poisoning. Sounds like you should be careful trying such way of eating too.

7. Paleo Diet:  

Let’s finish this fun trip with the paleo diet. It excludes grains, processed oil, salt and sugar, but includes a lot more variety than previously discussed extreme diets. Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, nuts – almost everything that supposedly the cavemen were eating is allowed. The fans of this diet see health benefits in removing dairy products and refined sugar because the latter are commonly believed to cause risk of many of the modern diseases (heart problems, diabetes, obesity and so on).

Which Of These Extreme Diets Would You Prefer And Why?  

So how do you feel about these extreme diets? Already tried any of them or at least planning to try?

Do share your views by posting your comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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