5 Truths About Laser Tattoo Removal

The skin is the largest organ in the body. And we subject it to a multitude of abuses we would never impose on say, the pancreas. We put holes expose it to toxins, and dangerous UV rays and some people even inject it with ink.



Granted, the skin is amazingly resilient and our bodies have developed a tolerance for the infinite injustices we put it through, but there are limits. Tattoos in particular are a skin change which can have long-term implications. As we age, our bodies change, our lives and feelings change, and what was once a treasured piece of body art can become a burden. Thanks to modern technology, there is recourse for tattoo regret, but even with all of our great developments, tattoos are still intended to be permanent. So even though tattoo removal is an option, there are a few truths everyone should know about the process.

Some Tattoos May Not Be Removable:  

For the most part, laser tattoo removal is extremely effective. The lasers break up the ink in the skin into tiny little fragments that can be absorbed by the body. Normally the size of a tattoo isn’t a problem, but what may limit your success, is the color. Black is by far the easiest pigment to get rid of, while colors like red, green and light blues can be much more difficult. So while a monochromatic black tattoo may seem boring, it is also the easiest to undo.

It Normally Takes More Than Once: 

Laser tattoo removal is rarely going to be a one shot deal. If it’s a tiny black tattoo you may be able to get a way with one visit. But for the most part it’s going to take a few rounds to get rid of all the ink. Only so much can be accomplished in one visit before there are risks of causing permanent damage. So if you are thinking about tattoo removal, be prepared for a long haul, or at least multiple visits.

Laser Tattoo Removal Is Not Cheap:  

Since we’re talking about having to spend multiple sessions under the laser, it’s probably a good idea to mention that the process isn’t cheap. The costs can range anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Even though there is rapidly growing availability for this service, the equipment, and training is expensive which means that wherever you go, it’s going to be a hit to your wallet. So if you had to save up to get the tattoo in the first place, you’re probably gonna need to start a removal fund too.

 Laser Tattoo Removal Is Not Painless:

Getting a tattoo proves you have a pretty high threshold for pain, which is a good thing considering it’s gonna hurt to get it removed. It’s not the same kind of pain as needles sticking into you, but it’s pretty significant. Most people compare it to feeling like hot oil, or a repeated snap of a rubber band. There may be some anesthetic available, but it’s not going to dull the pain completely. And unlike when you got the tattoo, there will be less of a rush of adrenaline and endorphins to dull the pain.

Your Skin May Never Be The Same:    

The technology used to get rid of tattoos is pretty cutting edge and so there is little chance of scarring these days. However, that doesn’t mean your skin will be good as new when it’s all over. There may be changes in skin pigmentation, skin could be come hardened or rough and there is even a risk of allergic reaction or the development of cysts. Sure, extreme reactions are in the minority and for the most part laser tattoo removal is very safe. But for those that think lasers can work like a magic eraser on tattoos, this should be a reality check. A tattoo, even a removed one, may always leave its mark.

If your tattoo has become major life regret, then tattoo removal may be a good option. It’s been used effectively for many years and there are thousands of success stories. But it’s something one needs to go into with eyes wide open and a full awareness of the risks, realities and limitations.

Have You Ever Tried Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoos are in fashion, but at times you feel of getting them removed, have you ever done so or intend to do so? What are your experiences on the subject do put your comments on the same below.

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5 comments on “5 Truths About Laser Tattoo Removal
  1. if u wanna clear your tatto, u will search who is the best cleaner. Its too important.

  2. Pallavi says:

    Tattoo is no longer a permanent fixture on one’s body. To remove it techniques like surgical excision, salabrasion, chemical peels are used which are not perfect solutions for tattoo removal. Moreover these methods are very painful, time consuming and non-effective. The latest is the advanced laser technology for permanent removal of tattoos.
    It is always advisable to consult a good cosmetic surgeon for the procedure.

  3. nice post!. i have had my tattoo removed last year, it was long process for me and a little painful, but the physician there made me comfortable. Its true that tattoo removal can not be completely pain free. But anyways, its not so unbearable, so if anyone is fearing to get a tattoo, for the reasons of its removal, they can straightly go for laser tattoo removal process if needed.

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