5 Tips For Moms To Stay Healthy

Moms everywhere are looking for ways they can be healthy, and stay healthy.  Being a mom is a full time job, and that’s with just one child.  Add more children into the mix, which is common in our day, and even more common, a career.  How can mothers find the time, or the ways, to stay healthy?

Follow these five simple fitness tips for moms and you will find yourself a healthier, happier mother.

(1) Be Selfish:   

You have to make time for yourself.  And essentially, all the following tips are based on the foundation of this one.  It’s safe to say this is the most important one.  The key though, is to not become too selfish.  Just be selfish enough to make taking care of yourself important, but do not let it take priority over being a mom.  Find a healthy balance.  Make sure to take time for yourself.



(2) Eat Real Foods:   

Eat more foods from plants and nature; avoid foods made in manufacturing plants.  And this goes for your kids too!  If you want to be more alive, eat food that is more alive!  If you want to be less alive, eat food that is less alive.  It is as simple as that.

(3) Exercise:   

Exercise a minimum of three times a week, but aim for five times a week.  Even if it is 20 minutes in the morning, and twenty minutes in the evening, get active!  Of course a regular gym or other exercise routine is best.  However, most experts will recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio, but new studies are showing that several smaller cardio workouts can be just as effective.  Just get active!  You’ll feel better, and be healthier.

(4) Take Care Of Your Body:  

Wait, isn’t eating healthy food and exercising taking care of your body?  Yes, it is.  But that is not enough on its own.  I am talking about unleashing your bodies full potential.  Keep your spine in proper alignment.  Your brain controls your body’s functions, and your brain communicates to your body via your central nervous system, which runs along, and is protected by your spine.  So how do you do this?  Stretching and proper sleep posture help, but to properly care for your spine (body), visit a chiropractor.

(5) Time Management:   

Part of our discussion under being selfish is making time for yourself.  With proper time management, you can get the most out of the little time that you have.  Wake up ten to fifteen minutes earlier and make sure your day starts off calm.  Meditate or pray.  Take a few minutes and mentally prepare for the day ahead.  These fifteen minutes before the craziness of your day begins will become cherished.

With these five simple tips, moms everywhere can improve their health, along with their kids, leading to healthier, happier families.

Moms, just remember:

  • Be Selfish – Make time for yourself.
  • Eat Real Food – Be more alive by eating food that is alive.
  • Exercise – Just get active.
  • Take Care of Your Body – Keep your spine properly aligned.
  • Time Management – Get the most out of the little time you have.

Did We Miss Something?   

Moms, what did we miss?  Please share your own tips you have developed from your own experiences in the comments below.

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4 comments on “5 Tips For Moms To Stay Healthy
  1. I would add:
    Get a yearly checkup!
    Use sunscreen!
    Drink more water!
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  2. Gordon Drago says:

    I have to agree with you that moms really do sacrifice their health in order to provide for their family. Moms these days are so busy between family and work that they are exhausted. I highly recommend any mother to take one hour of the day to do something they enjoy. You may think that you are helping your family by overworking but in the long run by not taking care of yourself you are not ready for the low points that lie ahead.

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