5 Habits Of Healthy And Fit People

Do you ever wonder why some people always look so full of energy and enthusiasm and you have never caught them complaining of headaches, nausea or sickness.

If your concern too is health and fitness then, here are the 5 habits of healthy and fit people as revealed by them through a rigorous survey.

(1) Sleeping Habits:

They sleep enough at night. An eight hours sleep a day is ideal for healthy body. Lesser sleep dampens metabolism. Deep sleep heals cells, creates new ones, burns calories and speeds up the metabolism.

Sleep in lose, comfortable fittings but not on a very soft bed. Don’t eat anything before 2 hours of going to bed, wash hands, feet and mouth with cold or lukewarm water. And relax all your limbs, nerves and mental storms by meditation or breathing exercise. Let your body and senses know you are on rest.

(2) Morning Habits:

They don’t skip their morning calls. Your stomach can be a playground of deadly diseases if not excreted properly every day. An unaffordable risk.

Most of them meditate and take breathing exercises to enlighten.

They also do light aerobics daily to galvanize themselves for the day. Simple aerobic exercises increases metabolism and keep it elevated for many hours ahead. The no-cost stamina booster. Exercise for approx 20 minutes is enough to keep you fit for fight.

Take light healthy breakfast before setting off for work.

Habits Of Healthy And Fit People

Healthy Habits

(3) Working Habits:

They break their long assignments into small chores and take many small breaks in between.

Don’t work incessantly for long hours. Avoid long sittings. Don’t keep gazing at your computer screens continuously for longer than 30 minutes. Take 5 minutes break after every 2 hours work and take a cat nap during the day, best after lunch.

Relaxing your body thus will keep your blood pressure maintained and nerves stress free. Try some breathing exercises for quick relax and refreshment. It’s fantastic.

Even use every opportunity to stretch your limbs or turn left & right after a long sitting. Prefer stairs to lifts if accessible.

Take a cat-nap. Give your body some rest once during a hectic day and keep it refreshed instead of exhausting till it drops.

(4) Eating Habits:

They eat variety of foods that deliver mix of nutrients and minerals.

While eating an apple a day is considered a good habit, you must try different foods every now and then. Fruits and vegetables help cleansing your body’s digestive system, remove toxins and prevent degenerative health problems. Add them in your lunch.

Your body doesn’t like surprises and have problem in digesting un-timed food. Eating at fixed intervals and time is also necessary to help your body be accustomed of it and keep the system running without a fail.

(5) Drinking Habits:

They eat less but drink more! Water!!

Like your car requires fuel, your body needs water to keep it running. You can go without food for as long as 7 days without much problem but you will hardly last 3 days without water in your body. 60 to 70 percent of your body is fluid. Water keeps your body-system and metabolic processes in good working order.

Dehydration i.e. lack of fluid, slows down everything and reduces your ability to activity, make you feel tired, lethargic and initially causes headache that may extend to darkness before eyes, giddiness and loss of sense.

Take as much water as you can during the day.

Just correct your daily routine accordingly and you will experience a whole new revamp within 7 days of practicing these 5 habits. Wish you a healthy and fit body.

Would You Like To Share Your Healthy Habits?

These are few habits of healthy and fit people. It’s always good to share your view point with others and share your views. What are your views on the topic please discuss and put your comments on the subject.

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