4 Tips To Increase Your Vitality And Energy

With all that goes on in our world, often we find ourselves feeling lethargic, run down, overworked and out of touch with our “old self”. Often this happens as soon as we leave school and go to college.



The increased workload, the feeling of being left to ‘go it alone’ and the circumstances we find ourselves in such as tight deadlines, surprise tests, late nights studying (or partying) and dramatic friendships and relationships are often the cause.

While these feelings of being exhausted and having no energy sometimes start during our university years, more often they come in the working years and we find it difficult to stay healthy and fit in college.

This is when we find out that our problems in college where all but trivial matters, problems you would rejoice to have now. We will discuss here how to increase energy levels and some healthy tips to increase vitality.

Things such as children, partners, divorces, mortgages, bills, lack of spare time, chores, plus not to mention  our work itself, it’s no wonder that the average guy or gal gets a bit worn down from time to town.

I have found that through application of these 4 tips on how to increase energy, I feel more alive and more blessed to be on this planet, I am far more calm and nicer to be around and I am also healthier, lighter and look better.

Here are the Four Tips to Increase Energy and Vitality, in no specific order:

1. Physiology:    

If you have ever seen a bum walking along the road, you can almost tell just by looking at him that he is a bum. You do not need to introduce yourself to him and interview him to find out he has no occupation, you can simply tell by some intuitive feeling.

His head is low, shoulders hunched, he dresses in old rags and is unshaven, he walks around looking more Neanderthal than human.

If you are run down and lacking vitality, chances are good that your physiology could do some work.

Straighten up your shoulders, push out your chest, take longer, more confident strides, but don’t walk fast. Walk with confidence and your head held high and you will feel a surge of importance that is because you are important.

If you are sitting, working at your computer, writing or reading, straighten your back, push out your chest also and make sure your computer is at the correct height so you aren’t gawking down from way up there and straining yourself.

2. Air:

We know that without air we die, so why is it that we constantly run ourselves on E? Air is the giver of life to everything on this planet, and we know it.

Next time you are feeling like you are more a part of your chair than a human, take a series of 10 deep breathes. Aim for about 5 breaths a minute – 12 seconds in, 12 seconds out. This is one of the secrets of how monks stay so cool, yet still so full of life and energy that can be released at any second.

3. To Be If You Want To Be:

It is often said that if you want to be fit, then be a fit person. You could rephrase this to be if you want to be musically talented, then be a musician.

Instead of whining about feeling lethargic, run down, sick or whatever, just BE energized. Start with the physiology, breath air like they are charging you for each breath and start doing something from ordinary.

Sing a song, dance, clap loudly, praise Hallelujah to God, act the goat and do something odd, I guarantee you will not be feeling enervated any longer.

Often when we have these feelings of laziness and being a bit under the weather, we are just stuck in a mind frame for too long.

4. Focus:

This is the best one in my opinion. Let’s say you are at work and your job is stacking shelves in a supermarket.

Your workmates will be whining about how tired they are, how crap the job is, how menial the task is and how low the rate of pay is and more.

If instead of doing that, you decide to focus on doing the job better, faster, more efficient and without complaining, you will find you take on a second wind.

Turn the cans so they are all exactly at the edge of the shelf, the labels all exactly 100% straight, discarding the old boxes flattening them perfectly to save room in the paper recycling bin, moving old stock to the front and making sure everything is looking 100% perfect in your aisle.

This is how you feel good, by doing a good job – no matter what the task!

I have never worked in a supermarket, but I have gone to ones where the employees were goofing off and could have been doing this and increased their chance at a promotion or pay raise by working hard.

If after implementing all of these tips and you still don’t feel any better while at work or at home, you might need to look at this last one again.

While on a task you enjoy and love, 8 hours can pass in the blink of an eye and you can have gone the whole time without eating, drinking or saying a single word out loud, but you are fully alive and full of energy, absolutely absorbed in your task ahead.

What’s Your Success Mantra To Increase Energy And Vitality?   

How do you keep fit and healthy? If you want to share your tips on ‘how to increase energy and vitality‘, please share with us below in the comments.

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7 comments on “4 Tips To Increase Your Vitality And Energy
  1. Good post, really enjoyed reading. I must be able to follow this and become more active.
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  2. Grant says:

    Great tips! Being positive and self discipline in life is one of the key to a healthy life. I wish i can be like this all the time. Focus is one of my problem sometimes, it’s hard to focus when there is a problem that
    interrupt your concentration.

  3. Coffee Beans says:

    All these days I was doing exercise just the way but I think these 4 tips make me more energy.
    Coffee Beans´s last post…..Sitting Bull?My Profile

  4. Nice to know about this energy boosters here. Hope will gain some sort of energy after following these tips……. 🙂
    Surya Tejaswini´s last post…..24 Natural remedies for head acheMy Profile

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