30 Minutes Of Gentle Exercise For Achy Joints

Achy joints can be a major problem for senior citizens and for sufferers of arthritis and other joint conditions. It keeps people from moving because they fear pain, and this inhibits exercise and increases weight gain. However, oddly enough, the only real cure is movement. It may seem absurd, since moving is obviously the source of your pain, but just getting 30 minutes of light exercise a day or every other day can help your joints and improve your health. This article will go through gentle exercise for achy joints, so you can get those 30 minutes of needed exercise.



Walking Is A Good Exercise For Achy Joints:  

When it comes to gentle cardio exercises, walking is perhaps one of the easiest. You can either use a treadmill set on a low speed (between 1.0 and 2.0) or you can go outside and walk. Walking outside is usually the best, because you can easily adjust your speed when needed, and you get a boost of vitamin D from being out in the sun. Plan a short route, and then walk it. If you cannot walk for a full 30 minutes now, then do what you can and combine walking with other exercises.

Weight Training:  

Doing some soft weight training is perfect for increasing the muscles around your joints to keep the joints from taking all the stress from movement. You don’t need to lift 20 or 30 pounds, just 2 to 5 pounds should be fine with weight training. Get some light dumbbells or weight training bands and perform some common weight training movements.

This includes bicep curls, squats, toe raises and lateral raises. Move slowly to make sure you don’t tear anything, and try to do 3 sets of 10 reps with each exercise.

Stability Exercises: 

These exercises do more than just help your achy joints, especially in case of elderly and senior people, they help your balance and stability as well. About one in three seniors experience a fall every year, which can lead to broken bones and other problems. With better stability, this improves your balance and keeps you from falling. Common stability exercises include standing on one leg and getting up from a chair without using your hands.

Stretching And Flexibility:  

Stretching your joints slowly and carefully is a great way to help those joints move and stop hurting. Many people suggest doing tai chi and yoga, and they are great for achy joints, but they may be too difficult for you right now. If your joints are very sore and hard to move, then concentrate on doing simple stretches, like stretching your knees, shoulders and elbows.


Getting exercise when you have achy joints can be very difficult, especially because the pain is preventing you. However, the only way to get rid of that pain is to get up and move around. You can use these simple exercises to promote good health and better joints, and there are many other benefits to exercising. If you cannot do 30 minutes yet, then do what you can, build up your endurance and get to that 30 minute mark.

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