How To Cure Back Pain?

If you are one of the 80% of people who experiences back pain in their lifetime, you might want to pay attention to this because most people believe that once you have back pain, it’s there forever. It’s not. Well, at least it doesn’t have to be.



There are three common but rarely heard of methods for reducing and even they are effective to cure back pain. The first, and most common is called Spinal Decompression.

(1) Spinal Decompression To Cure Back Pain:   

Spinal decompression is when you use some method to stretch out the back and relieve pressure on the discs and nerves that cause pain in the lower back and sometimes down one or both legs. Relieving the pressure also allows for better circulation between the discs and encourages the discs to ‘replenish’ themselves, even though most treatments are only for a few minutes at a time.

Inversion therapy is when you use gravity, and hanging upside down, to stretch out your spine and allow the discs to get some circulation and move back into their normal place between the vertebrae. Of course, most people need to get used to the idea of hanging upside down to make their back pain go away, so it’s best to start slow and with the supervision of a health care professional when trying an inversion table for the first time.

Another common method for spinal decompression is using a device called the Nubax Trio. This device does not require you to hang upside down, but it does not decompress the entire spine. The decompression works for low back pain, but not if you are suffering from upper back or neck pain. This device is used on the floor or on a bed if you prefer, and you simply lean forward against a strap and allow the machine to gently relieve the pressure in your lower back. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Many people with knee, ankle, or hip problems prefer the Nubax Trio because it does not interfere with the ankles, knees, or hips, like inversion therapy does.

(2) Trigger Point Therapy To Cure Back Pain:  

Trigger points are better known as muscle knots. Trigger points are actually responsible for a large portion of most people’s pain. Believe it or not, muscle knots actually cause referred pain that is distributed to other parts of the body away from the actual trigger point itself. This makes them difficult to find and diagnose correctly.

Luckily more and more health care practitioners are becoming aware of trigger points and muscle pain, otherwise known as myofascial pain, and are learning the common and effective treatment of simply locating the trigger point and applying pressure on it until the muscle fibers relax and the trigger point is ‘worked out’.

Often trigger points come back, but they are relatively easy to get rid of once you are aware of their presence. Find a knowledgeable practitioner to assist you with hard to reach trigger points such as those commonly found in the piriformis muscle, or upper back muscles. Laser therapy may also be helpful to get rid of back pain.

(3) Muscle Balance Therapy For Back Pain Cure:   

Muscle Balance Therapy is a name given to the least known of these three pain relief methods. It is something that most healthcare practitioners and physiotherapists are still unaware of, but it comes down to identifying which muscle groups are overpowering weaker muscle groups and causing the bones, hips, and joints to become pulled out of proper placement.

Muscle imbalances often build up over years of bad posture, incorrect lifting, or repetitive or incorrect movements. Over time they begin to pull your body out of its normal shape, and you start to feel pain when it gets to the point that your nerves start to become ‘pinched’. At this point it can take months of effort from an individual to correct the imbalances, but with a knowledgeable practitioner it is possible to bring the body back into a pain free alignment by balancing the muscle groups with targeted exercises and stretches.

Have You Experienced Any Of These Techniques?  

Have you experienced relief from any of these techniques? Are any of these techniques brand new to you? Leave a comment in the discussion below and let us know what you think!

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9 comments on “How To Cure Back Pain?
  1. Good ways to eliminate back pains. I haven’t gone through these but i found inversion therapy the best one for me. Its the simple technique to reduce spinal compression and muscle strain. It uses the reverse effect of gravity on spinal and body. It really worked for many.

  2. Sierra White says:

    Really a very nice article you have shared. It is really a mean for me. I am a working girl and suffers from lower back pain usually because of long sitting in front of computer. You have given me a best alternative solution…….Thanks

  3. Hello
    Great information – thanks for sharing. I would like to emphasize one thing that people tend to forget. People who suffer from back pain (especially in the morning when waking up) should consider changing their mattress. In very many cases this is the solution to the back pain problem. And when choosing the mattress, people should keep in mind to choose the one that corresponding to their sleeping position.
    Best Regards
    Mat Good
    Mat Good about back pain | Good Relaxation´s last post…..Causes of back pain in the morningMy Profile

  4. Sherri hugle says:

    I get useful information from your post, thanks for your sharing again.

  5. Proper posture and spinal cord related exercises done under adept guidance is the sure shot method for getting effective cure for back pain. Thankfully many people have been able to cure their back-pain following these tips.

  6. Ravi Kochhar says:

    Hi Mia, nice to see you here. Thanks for putting your side of the story. Do come back again.

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