3 Health Tips For Building Muscle Mass

Did you know that building muscle mass offers many health benefits? It’s true and it has been proven that people who regularly exercise either with body weight or weights to gain muscle mass and strength are not only fitter and more energetic but also a lot healthier.



When you have more muscles in your body, your metabolism will increase and this has several benefits like feeling less tired and lethargic, ability to burn more body fat and an increase in overall strength. Since building muscle mass involves your joints, it will also strengthen your bones. As you might know, as we become older, our bones tend to get weak and this can lead to osteoporosis in some cases so building muscles can help. Building muscle mass is not difficult but you need to stick to an effective workout routine, adhere to a proper nutrition and have adequate rest to reap the benefits.

Effective Workout Routine Helps In Building Muscle Mass:   

Exercising has always been recommended by many health advisors, nutritionists or doctors for staying fit and healthy. But usually most people will think of exercise as mostly jogging. Jogging is a cardio workout and it will make you burn fat but it won’t do much on overall muscle mass apart toning your legs. It’s not that you need to avoid jogging but consider adding some strength training exercises for your upper and lower body as well. Combining cardio workout and strength training will yield double benefits. A sample routine can be 3 times per week for muscle building and 2 times for cardio training. Strength training for building muscle mass can consist of body weight exercises like push ups, pull ups, dips, squats, lunges and crunches. Most of these exercises are compound exercises which mean they target several muscle groups at once in a single movement. These are some of the best exercises for building muscles and sheer strength. You don’t need weights to gain muscles but a weight lifting routine will definitely take you to a new level of strength training when you reach a plateau with body weight training. It would not be a good idea to give a specific routine of the number of sets and repeats which you must perform as some of the exercises are not easy to handle initially. With time and patience, as your strength increases, you’ll be able to add more repeats or sets to your workout. If you’re first getting started, just try doing the maximum you can.

Proper Diet And Nutrition Are Essential For Building Muscle Mass:     

Without the right kind of foods, your exercise performance will suffer and you will have a hard time building muscle mass. This can have a negative impact on your goals and you can get discouraged. Proper nutrition is of utmost importance if you want to see results. Forget about snacking here and there. You need to eat real meals like a real champion consisting of high quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Start your day with a copious and nutritious breakfast. A bowl of rolled oats mixed with some low fat milk and some fruits like blueberries, bananas and strawberries should suffice. If you want to give your breakfast some punch, add 1 or 2 eggs. You can boil, poach, scramble or make an omelet out of them. This type of breakfast can easily keep hunger pangs at bay for 2-3 hours. For lunch, opt for a whole wheat sandwich with skinless chicken or turkey breast accompanied with some lettuce and tomatoes. As an afternoon snack, go for 1 apple and some almonds. For dinner, opt for a baked potato, a cup of broccoli, a large garden salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and a salmon or tuna steak. Last but not least, drink adequate water every day at least the equivalent of 8 big glasses. This is a sample daily nutrition you can adhere to but of course, you have other alternatives and choices to make changes. Try eating at least 4 meals a day and even up to 6. The key is to eat the right kind of foods but in small proportions. For breakfast, you can go a bit overboard as this is the time of the day when your body needs the most nutrients being deprived of food for the past several hours during your sleep. This will shift your body from catabolic mode to anabolic mode. Your eating interval is also crucial as this will stimulate and boost your metabolism. It’s advisable to eat every 3 hours for building and maintaining muscle mass effectively.

Take Adequate Rest:   

Sleep is very important when you’re following a workout routine. This is the time when your body builds muscles that is when you’re at rest and not when you’re working out. Depriving yourself from adequate rest every day will hinder your training performance and objective as well. The numbers of hours of sleep varies from individual to individual but try getting at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night.

There you have it. If you want to build solid muscle mass, you will have to stick to a plan and keep at it. This will make you not only healthier, fitter and more energetic but also more disciplined and happier in life.

What Do You Think?   

If you have any tips about building muscle mass or any comments you might have, feel free to share them.

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10 comments on “3 Health Tips For Building Muscle Mass
  1. Ernest @ weight loss drops says:

    I totally agree on everything here! I like working out and exercise. But I am more on not having so much muscle mass. I jog most of the time to build my stamina. But after reading the importance of having more muscles in our body, I would definitely want to have them back. Great information! Thank you so much.

  2. Reduce Thigh Fat says:

    Totally agree with you … I am following the exact guide as you shared and getting great improvements 🙂
    Reduce Thigh Fat´s last post…..2 Best Exercises to Reduce Thigh FatMy Profile

  3. Brad Stadler says:

    If you want to take your bodybuiling seriously you should not forget the importance of nutrition. Many expert bodybuilders and trainers has placed an weight of 80% on the nutrition and only 20% on exercise itself.

  4. mike says:

    The basic exercises like bench press, deadlifts, and squats, are some ways to help build muscle mass. Cardio training should also be cut down to a minimum during this time. You are so right about sleep because that is often overlooked but it is so important.
    mike´s last post…..Diet Myths To AvoidMy Profile

  5. Starting next week I am planning to setup a class for body building and I will be using the notes I have in the class but it is still not enough. I’m about to take note of your health tips ‘coz for what I think this will be useful. I will also look around for more of you’re post today. Thanks for sharing such a valuable tip.
    [email protected] Muscle´s last post…..How To Gain Muscle QuicklyMy Profile

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