3 Best Acne Treatments

People suffering from acne problems, will definitely attest to just how annoying it usually is. During the past most people would’ve settled for allowing their own doctor to recommend the necessary medicine but with the explosion in prescription drugs and internet-based buying, it truly is little wonder that almost all of us would rather find our own medications of choice.

Exactly how then do you choose which the best over the counter acne cure are? Would you take the suggestions of experts? Or will it be the salesman. It may be a little concerning that the product you end up choosing, may be the one that had the most glitzy advertising campaign.

Much like anything, the keyword here to buying just about any non-prescription acne merchandise or treatment is…research! While some methods work good and some work even better. It is always advised to have a talk with your doctor or local pharmacist before undergoing any treatment. We all have different skins and some medications can react with individuals with sensitive skin.
Best Acne Treatments

Best Acne Treatments

There are tried and tested methods both natural and of the drug and pharmaceutical type. Nearly all medications you can buy without prescription will contain one of the following below. So without further ado, let’s take a look then at just what are best options for dealing with acne are.

It will come as hardly surprising, that we now have so many acne treatments available to buy in shops that the amount runs into the hundreds. They will vary as much in value as they do in success.

Benzoyl Peroxide:   

The most used kind of treatment that exists over the counter is the acne medication, Benzoyl peroxide. Naturally, this is an ingredient rather than the name of a product. If uncertain which acne solutions contain benzoyl peroxide, ask the local pharmacist. It is one of the best medications that are available without prescription. Most of the time, it is also just as powerful.

Salicylic Acid:   

Another very popular sort of prescription medication, one that may be obtained without a prescription is salicylic acid. This works by eradicating dead skin cells, one of the main factors behind spots, pimples and general acne. Dead skin cells block your skin pores and this subsequently results in a build up of your body’s oil, leading to bacterial infection and acne. Salicylic acid comes in a lot of make-up removers or oxy pads.


Among the older kinds of reliable acne treatment is sulphur. It works by drying up the skin cells, causing them to peel and flake away. Clearing your skin pores and therefore helping the struggle against acne. The majority of facial soap made for acne, contains sulphur. It is however; quite a tough chemical when compared to the two mentioned previously and as such, can cause reactions more frequently. This usually brings about a lot of peeling or soreness.

Above are three by far the most trusted acne treatment products available without the need of prescription. If in doubt, always check with your physician or pharmacologist first.

Would You Want To Add Your Ways Of Treating Acne?   

Bear in mind, everybody has a different skin type, what works for one man or woman may not be so effective for others. What are your acne treatment tips? Please share with us below.

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  2. Acne is caused by the overproduction of the skin of oil called sebum, and the best acne cures would offer some foolproof way to regulate this.Most women know that cucumber is great for your skin. It can also be used to fight and prevent acne. Make a cucumber paste, put it on your face and let is stay there for several minutes

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    I’m sure that many people will benefit from this interesting information. I wanted to add, as we know today, has very close connection between the body’s nutritional status to the acne. And if the body clean of toxins he will secrete less secretions on the skin, and that’s before you start taking medicine.
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