10 May Be Not So Obvious Weight Loss Mistakes

10 Maybe Not So Obvious Things People Do Wrong For Weight Loss:  

When I say “maybe-not-so-obvious,” I’m mostly referring to the perspective of the person trying to lose weight. To a health-enthusiast, these things are glaringly obvious. But that same health-enthusiast would not be able to deny that they see people they know making these mistakes on a daily basis. I’m no health-expert myself, but I certainly do know a lot of people that have been setting weight loss goals for years and not seeing results and these are the most common mistakes that I see them make. Some of them are also the mistakes I was making for some time

(1) Thinking A Diet Is Short Term:    

A diet is a way of life, first and foremost. The most ridiculous thing that people have convinced themselves is that a diet is something you need to do for a few months until you see those weight loss results and then you can ease up off yourself and relax back into “yummy” foods again. I want to approach all people that are “on a diet” and ask them this: Why do you think it is that food that’s helping you lose weight and making you healthy is something that you’re going to be able to stop eating at some point? How do you think your body is going to react when it goes back to getting the old food you used to eat? Do you honestly believe that you won’t gain that weight right back?

The way people are eating is the cause of their current weight, whether that is good or bad. If you’re not seeing weight gain or weight loss, then whatever your daily habits are, they’re maintaining your weight. If you lose weight and then go back to eating what you were eating before, then your body is now getting more than it needs and will gain weight until it gets right back to that point at which it was maintaining. And then you’ll need to diet again to lose weight, and then gain it back, then diet…and the cycle will never end.



I cannot stress to you more emphatically that a diet is a lifestyle. Weight loss is the short term goal here. You have to find eating habits that are good for you and will help you lose weight until your body reaches the point where what you’re eating is now maintaining your ideal body weight.

 (2) Eating More Because It Is A Diet Food:    

When I see someone buying Weight Watchers ice cream candy bars, I can’t help but cringe. I’m jaded because the people I know that buy these things are not educating themselves on the relative health of these foods. They come home, they eat one of these bars as a snack before dinner and then later grab another for a snack after dinner. Why? Because it’s Weight Watchers and it must be good for you and you can eat more of something that’s good for you.

Just because it is part of a diet program does not mean that it is good for you. Serving sizes are listed on the nutrition information for a reason. Just because one particular item is lower calorie than another doesn’t mean that you can eat two of the first instead of one of the latter.

 (3) Eating Less But Not Eating Well:    

On the flip-side of that argument, people are not seeing weight loss results when they cut back on how much they eat but don’t change what they eat. You can only expect to see very limited results when you go from eating four slices of Pizza Hut pizza to two slices or two McDonald’s hamburgers to one. Your body needs nutrients, and without balancing your food properly, cutting back the quantity will only get you so far. And you’ll still end up feeling icky each day because you’re still eating poorly.

 (4) Exercise Or Diet / Exercise And Diet:    

There has to be a balance of eating appropriate foods and getting an adequate amount of exercise. I’m not saying that you won’t see results with just a food diet. But you can’t only eat right. You have to do both to see your body really change. Weight loss doesn’t continue without both. And you certainly cannot expect your body to perform optimally when you’re exercising but still feeding it crap. Your body needs proper nutrition in order to burn fat and build muscle. No matter what, you will hit a plateau doing only one or the other.

 (5) Expecting Results To Come Quickly:   

Just like a diet is not short term, you won’t see significant weight loss in just a short span of time. If you do, you should consult a physician because losing weight too fast is actually unhealthy. People who are adjusting their eating and exercise habits should be aiming to lose only a few pounds a week, if that. Most dieters are so impatient to see results that they think a diet isn’t working if they haven’t dropped a dress size after a week. They don’t seem to understand that such results would be extreme. Healthy weight loss is a little bit at a time. The goal should always be to feel better, healthier, and happier and you can’t put a time limit on that.

 (6) Eating Healthy Foods To Balance Unhealthy Ones:   

This mentality needs to end. Just because you put broccoli on your dinner plate doesn’t mean it is ok to put extra hot fudge on your ice cream desert. Good does not cancel out bad. This doesn’t mean you can’t have desert, but you have to be mindful of what is taking it too far. If you don’t need to add those extra high-calorie toppings, then you probably shouldn’t, no matter how many vegetables and fruits you’ve had that day. Moderation is key when which deserts to eat while still aiming for overall weight loss.

 (7) Taking One Source’s Word For It: 

Just because your favorite celebrity endorsed a product or a top brand name diet food company claimed it to be so does not make it good or true. In the environment we live in now, there’s no excuse for not double-checking facts. Information is only too easily acquired, so you have no one to blame but yourself when you believe the first source that tells you some new supplement is the way to go and that supplement backfires. If you’re reading a health blog post, be mindful of opinions influencing their suggestions. Try to find sources that are pure fact. Websites that offer in-depth nutrition information and data are great for setting up a personal weight loss program, and even those are available in great number for free.

 (8) Not Getting Enough Variety:   

Weight loss hopefuls give up too easily sometimes for the simple reason of boredom. If they’re not the type to set up routines and stick to them, then they’re all the more vulnerable to losing heart. You have to remember to eat a variety of foods and mix up your exercise programs. It’s not just your mind that will get bored, but your body as well. Chances are that if you’re not mixing up your foods, you’re missing some nutrients somewhere. And if you’re not adding a variety of exercises you might not be working all your major muscle groups or you may be losing muscle mass because you’re doing too much cardio. So to keep both mind and body moving along, start building up a collection of foods and exercises you can choose from.

 (9) Common Knowledge Is Good Enough:   

Everyone knows that grilled food is healthy, right? So if I got to a restaurant and get grilled chicken, then I’m eating healthy!

We’re falling back on concepts that have been used so heavily that they’ve made it into the realm of common knowledge. Yes, grilled is better than fried, but that doesn’t always make it healthy. Is that grilled chicken then smothered in bar-b-que sauce and slapped on a cheesy bun with chilly cheese fries on the side? Making you feel better about it because it’s grilled doesn’t help your weight loss. It’s better to use common sense than what you believe to be common knowledge.

 (10) Losing Weight To Gain Attention:  

The only reason you should be losing weight is to be healthier and happier. Relying too heavily on other’s compliments to continue inspiring weight loss is a dangerous road to take. Since losing weight the right way means a little bit at a time, most people are not going to see the changes your body is going through until it has already made it pretty far along. You’re going to see and feel the changes first, and that should be motivation enough. Compliments should be the cherry on top.

 Let’s Take It Further!!     

Do you consider that a healthy weight loss is a patient effort combined with the right diet and the right exercises?  If you believe in this and have been successful in maintaining a healthy body weight, then do share your views to help the readers gain from your experiences.

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